You know how there are those special people that come into your life and you can't believe how absolutely wonderful they are?

That is the one unexpected yet simply fantastic bonus to blogging!

 I have had a few of those. 

This last month though two have been extra kind and generous. Today I want to thank one of them from the bottom of my heart {the other will get her own post later}.

Have anyone of you ever read Splendid Willow

It is an blog authored by a Swedish transplant living in the Seattle area.  Monika is such a sweet person. When I use the word sweet, it is an understatement.  I had been an admirer of her blog for a while, loving the way she decorates her home with such a Swedish aesthetic full of Swedish antiques. One day she started commenting on my blog! And the next thing I know a friendship of sorts is struck up. 

Monika also runs a fabulous online shop called "Splendid Willow Avenue" where she sells Scandinavian wares; boots, toys, jewelry and gorgeous high end clothing. 

Well, lucky me won a giveaway she was sponsoring at From The Right Bank and I won a pair of Ilse Jacobsen rain boots.  

With our horrible west coast weather, they would be perfect!

Oh. but my story doesn't stop here!

Well,  the adventure to get those boots had just begun and my tale will demonstrate what an amazing person and shop owner Monika really is!

One fine day a parcel arrived at my doorstep, I was giddy as I opened the box. But was a little shocked to find that the red boots I had ordered were black and several sizes too small. Not wanting to sound selfish, since I won these boots, I hesitantly mentioned that they were wrong. It appeared my order got switched with Christine from Bijou and Boheme

Every Canadian knows that shipping across the border has to be such a pain in the you-know-what, so Monika paid for our shipping costs to mail the boots to each other. 

Finally my red boots arrived but they were still small. My stomach felt ill, what do I do know? Well I told sweet Monika and after a wonderful phone call, new boots were on my way!

Now that is true customer service! I can see why she doesn't ship to Canada though, thank goodness for my US mailbox! 

So now I wear my red boots happily and they draw attention wherever I go! They are warm, cozy and a gorgeous red, perfect for my rainy Sundays while watching my daughters play soccer in the rain!

And they match my red leather purse perfectly - match made in heaven.

Thank-you dear Monika, you are simply the best.

XO Barbara


  1. I just check out Splendid Willow .... What a wonderful place to visit. Thanks Barbara and those boots are fabulous! Blogging has certainly been a wonderful source for finding great people.

  2. Yay, I love happy endings - and those boots look fabulous!

  3. They ARE fabulous boots! I'm off to check out her blog/shop as well now!

  4. Those boots are amazing! And what a sweetheart! I'm glad it all worked out!

  5. That is great customer service. I found Splendid Willow, via your site and I love her store and blog. The boots are beautiful. Enjoy them.

  6. Fab boots! AND customer service, you sure don't see that everyday! Hmmm, I should look into getting a US mailbox. Any advice?

  7. Barbara!!!!! I don't know what to say. I am totally blushing over here! Thank you so much for the lovely shout-out. What an unexpected treat to wake up to. I will be showing my (CANADIAN!) husband this morning!

    Now, you attract goodness my friend. You deserve only the best.

    I am so looking forward to meeting with you and Ms. Nancy. Let's just hope I don't get stuck in customs!!! (Or I will meet you at your US mailbox stop! Ha!).

    Love to you,


    P.S Great photos!

  8. Those boots are fabulous and I know you'll be rocking them with you long legs. Glad to hear it all worked out.

  9. I second Carol's comment - those boots are really great. And such a nice friend to do that for you - how nice!!

  10. I LOVE your boots! You are one stylish lady... So glad it all worked out, and huge kudos to Monika for the way she handled it. You are so right about true customer service! Um... are they available in Canada? ;-)
    xo Sheila

  11. I love buying things from wonderful, honest and amazing people like Monika! xo

  12. you have to have fun wearing those boots!

  13. Hi Barbara! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those boots! Perfect for San Francisco weather, don't you think?

  14. Oh my goodness, the boots look amazing and I can't wait to see them in person :) LOVE the red. And you take such nice pictures Barbara!
    Nancy xo

  15. Those are some sexy red boots! And Monika was so great in sorting out the little mishaps that happened along the way.

    I used to read Splendid Willow regularly, but for some reason I haven't been there in a while. Thanks for the reminder to go back and check it out :-)

    Enjoy your new boots!

  16. ooooh love those boots! Aren't they just perfect for you in to check out her blog!

  17. Hey nice boots!
    Now, how about this bathroom?

  18. Good customer service will always make me a customer for life. Monika sounds like she puts her customers first. How cute are those boots? Love them.

  19. Talk about going above and beyond! Wow, that's so nice of her! And the boots are pretty awesome too!!

  20. Such cool boots! I have red rain boots, too - although not quite as spiffy as yours, and they never fail to make a rainy day a little brighter...


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