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I love it when a project I make inspires others to create! Recently Hannah, a reader from the UK sent me photos of a bulletin board she recovered inspired by mine!
She is the author behind relatively new blog, Hannah Sydney Creates

Gorgeous fabric! Love how she spaced out the upholstery tacks.

Thanks for sharing Hannah.

Also, if you have been reading my blog for a while you know what a procrastinator I can be. In the beginning of the year we re-arranged a few rooms in the upstairs and created a games room for the kids.

In the spring I managed to find a fabulous old dresser that was given new life with a fresh coat of raspberry red paint.

Here is how it looks in it's unstaged glory - really hate the printer on the floor.
 My husband's solution, ick, so bachelor pad.

The room is kind of "stuck", waiting for inspiration to hit! Slowly I am collecting art to create a gallery wall around the TV. Also searching for a coffee table and area rug to unify the space!

In fact my whole house feels like that - stuck. But I am feeling overwhelmed with all that is on my plate right now. So hopefully when the whole "new year" organizational bug hits, will be enough of a kick in the pants to get me motivated.

Life has a way of just keeping you on your toes....

What do you need a kick in the pants for?

XO Barbara


  1. Beautiful bulletin board. I'll have to go visit her site. I still can't believe this gorgeous sideboard is the same one we found in the thrift store in a not so cute condition. It's so fresh now!!!

  2. Oh Barbara, I'm so with you about being stuck. It feels like there are a million projects unfinished at my house (cause there are). Each one relying on the next like a set of dominoes.
    Add to that holiday preparations, work and kiddo commitments and I feel like a raving lunatic half the time!
    Slow down, deep breath, one thing at a time. That's my new mantra!

  3. The bulletin board is gorgeous. I feel stuck at my house too! I think I need a man servant. ;)

  4. If thats what your house looks like in transition...I am in trouble...looks great to me......cant wait to see the finish...no rush tho ..you put me to shame!
    Great colour for the side board/dresser!
    Off I go to see more of Hannah...you are inspiring!

  5. I need a kick in the pants for the same thing! Lots of projects waiting to happen, needing to happen... but now the focus is on festive cheer! What's a girl to do?

    Love the dresser!

  6. Well, you know we are one and the same Barbara! Lots of projects to do around here. In fact I just bought some batting to finally do 2-3 bulletin boards for my home office and my daughter's room. Will hope to share them next week - you hold me to that now, OK?

  7. That dresser is gorgeous. I know what you mean, Barbara. There are so many things to do and so little time. I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the amount of things to do and then my husband reminds me to do one thing at a time and start crossing things off. A little bit at a time. And there is always tomorrow. Hugs!

  8. Beautiful! So glad you introduced us to this newish blog! I'm totally intrigued :) I could use a good kick in the pants for a lot of projects...so much to do, so little time!

  9. Had to laugh at the whole bachelor pad printer on the floor thing! I can relate to that! My guy does the same - Why is it that they always opt for the lazy solution?
    Love your sideboard and I know how you feel {though you seem to always be busy doing something!} I've got a list a mile long despite being in an apartment and not our permanent home! I think blogging puts extra pressure on me to tackle projects but at the same time makes me feel guilty if I'm not constantly working on things. You know, the self-imposed guilt? xo

  10. I need a kick in the pants for EVERYTHING!! Love the colour you chose for this dresser/console!

  11. Hannah's bulletin board is great, and I love what you did with your dresser - wow!!! Is it possible to hide the printer inside the dresser? I'm glad I'm not the only one who's stuck!

  12. I need a kick in the pants to stop doing projects. I do finish them, but my nerves get fried and my family gets the brunt of my frustration of doing too much.

    Your printer on the floor is for sure bachelor pad fix. Too funny. Would it fit in the middle cupboard with a pull out shelf? Just a thought.

    You may not think it, but your house looks wonderful, we all have those days {or years} that everything seems to be undone, but it is all in the attitude. I just take a deep breathe, realize I can't have it all and enjoy the good of it.

  13. Wonderful interior design. I love the pink cabinet as it plays an accent to the whole room. It can act also as a cheap insulation.


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