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November 25, 2011

Hello there! I'm Joanna, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a go-to online source for all things lighting and light fixtures. I am passionate about my work, I spend my days gathering beautiful images and sharing
them via guest posts such as this one for Hodge Podge. Thanks for letting me share!

A beautiful and creative headboard provides a focal point for all of the rooms below. My favorites will always be the tufted ones, with their striking appeal and commanding interest. Which is your favorite headboard?

Fab Headboard

A turquoise headboard makes a statement with its ornate shape and bold black trim. I would have loved to see a different light fixture here though maybe, a fun and flirty black chandelier. How about you?

Fab Headboard

A lovely country bedroom boasts an unusual tufted headboard. This could be a weekend DIY project for anyone wanting to add interest to their decor.

Fab Headboard

A triptych of framed mirrors makes a beautiful headboard that brings light into the room from windows on the opposing wall. A lovely little light fixture illuminates the room from above.

Fab Headboard

An antique floor mirror makes for an amazing headboard in this European bedroom. This space works so well because the rooms more humble furnishings don't try to compete with the grandiosity of the mirror.

Fab Headboard

A monogrammed headboard in white with black outlines is crisp and tailored even though the rest of the room is covered in a soft feminine pink.

Fab Headboard

This bedroom gets its traditional styling from a stately headboard while the bed coverings and art give it a modern appeal. The little wall sconces bring the bright color up to the pure white headboard and provide ample light for reading.

Fab Headboard

A crisp white and pink bedroom seems quite casual especially with the loose fitted upholstered headboard in a large pink floral.

Fab Headboard

This guest room doubles up on headboards in a striking black and white traditional fabric. The soft lime green of the room is soothing and restful.

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Design a headboard that suits your personality! 

Thanks Acadian Lighting for this post! Love the round-up of images. 

Who doesn't love a fantastic headboard.

But we can't forget the tufted headboards I made for my daughters' rooms!

XO Barbara


  1. Joanna has provided wonderful examples of headboards that create a beautiful focal point in a bedroom.
    The tufted headboards you've made for your daughter's rooms are simply gorgeous, Barbara!
    Thank you both for the fantastic inspiration!

  2. Fun post Joanna. And Barbara...I still can't get over how awesome he stripes turned out in your daughter's bedroom! Beautiful!

  3. Love this round-up of headboards... Barbara - i'm about to embark on a headboard, prepare to be pestered with questions!

  4. Holy crow!! Can you say over the top headboards? Magnificent. I sound kinda boring when I say I like the big white one with the moulding. The mirror is spectacular. Each of them are pretty in their own way.

  5. Great roundup. I love our upholstered headboard and it was worth the work. I love your daughter's headboard. I feel intimidated by the tufted headboard, but might have to do one someday. Have a great weekend, Barbara!

  6. I'm always interested to see the careative headboards, particularly those made with a re-purposed item.
    Terrific selection!


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