All By Myself

So I managed to hang a light fixture all by myself. 

Disclaimer: No husband was used in this project.

I was a bit hesitant about dealing with electricity. I really wanted to see my children grow up.

After watching a few Home Depot You Tube videos {they had a women install a fixture - smart marketing tactic!}

 I set to work.

I had so many attempts, thought I had it up and then had to take it down. 

Really wished I was an octopus...

The ground wire broke. 

Serious  $@#$&  glitch.

Went to Home Depot. Salesperson was useless

Wonderful stranger in aisle, who was an electrician saved the day!

Fixed the broken wire with a butt splice, impressive hey, my electrical terminology?

Finally enlisted help, NOT from husband but from oldest daughter, she was the octopus hands I so needed.

Good thing chandelier was only $38 on clearance and all plastic.

We can't stand the faux candle "drip" marks on the sleeves, need to find replacments.

But looks all sparkly regardless...

XO Barbara


  1. i have a chandelier that i want to hang and have been afraid to do it...thanks for gave me some inspiration!
    ashley @creating love & joy

  2. Well done lady!!! I've witnessed many a chandelier hanging and it isn't usually a fun process- very impressed that you hung that sprarkly pretty all by yourself!

  3. Well, good for you girl! It looks fabulous too - so pretty!

  4. So pretty!

    I find Home Depot staff unhelpful as a rule. Hubby and I rephrased their tag line as, "You can do it, but we'll hinder". And if one of use undermines the other's success in a project we say, "I home depot-ed you."

    Rant aside, I am SO impressed. I always rely on hubby for this kind of thing. FABULOUS that you did this with your daughter!!

    P.S. Today's DIY was encouraged by you!

  5. Nice work - love the sparkle! I've installed a couple of light fixtures and always turn the power off to the whole house because I'm so paranoid haha.

  6. Right on! I love a project that doesn't require assistance from the hubby. You are surely at least as qualified as he is to butt splice something, no?

  7. Amazing!!! The chandelier is so cute. Now for the big question...was hubby impressed.
    ps The paint I used was Granite Grey. It was a chip from HD. It looks really dark in the can but it's a gorgeous, gorgeous gray.

  8. Love your use of electrician terms! ;-) Looks fabulous, and I would never have guessed it was plastic because it's very sparkly!!
    Girl power!!

  9. Well done! You did a really good job. I have seen my husband hang a chandelier and it wasn't easy.

    Nice chandelier, by the way!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  10. So rewarding to do it without the hubs! Awesome job and an awesome price!

  11. Love the husband disclaimer! So that's why he said, 'Meh'!

    Yawn... all in a woman's day's work! (well, I've never done this, so I'm just pretending I'm you ;-)

    So what's next? The snow tires?

    Chandelier looks awesome :-)

  12. So pretty and sparkly, and very impressive that you hung it!! I bought an antique chandy months ago and am still waiting for my helper to hang it....

  13. Good for you Barbara!! I want to attempt electric projects, but I have to admit that I do find the thought a little intimidating!!

  14. Wow! I am impressed Barbara! And I can't believe the chandelier was only $38!

  15. I applaud you Barb! I bought the same chandelier so that I could do a Polaroid Manipulation (my artwork) of it. But the challenging thing I found was putting all of those chrystals on it. I'm glad you're still with us....... ya know, working with the electrical and all.

  16. I love it!!! Good for you for hanging in there and getting the job done!!! Where did you get that cool chandy???

  17. Way to go Barbara! I have no idea what butt splicing is but it sounds impressive.

  18. Barbara!! You will get your own TV show soon! And I will be able to say "I know her - and adore her!".

    Very impressed! (And the pictures look so good!).

    ox, Mon

  19. Love the chandy! I'm impressed you did it yourself!


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