Keeping It Real

Remember yesterday I shared my dresser that I painted?


 Yesterday, I had a leisurely lunch with my mom and sister at this fabulous bistro/bakery called Tracycakes {if you are ever in the Valley you need to go there}
After the said lunch, I come home, took out the gazillionth load of laundry and headed upstairs when I detected a slight odour. Going into the games room, I noticed that my dog peed on that dresser!

Yes, on the dresser and carpet.

What the #@&#*!!!!!! 

Not only did he have an accident in that room last week, he did it again. But this time on my dresser. 

So in reality, I spent my whole afternoon cleaning carpets, not so glamourous my friends. 

So much for having time writing a Christmas letter, finishing albums, ordering photos, baking cookies.....

I shouldn't get mad though, my dog is such a good dog. Most likely he had to go badly, and his bad owner {that would be me} failed to let him out

OR his 11 year old brain is starting to fail him.

OR his health is failing. Anyone's guess.

Yesterday after the second episode, I ran to the pet store and discovered this!

Holy smokes - it works!

So we are keeping it real here on the blog....

Hoping I can tackle the to-do list today. Wanting to start decorating for Christmas and bake cookies for this.

XO Barbara


  1. Oh my word!!! Maybe he associates the red dresser like other dogs do with red fire hydrants? lol.. I hope this isn't a common occurance!

  2. Talk a about keeping it real. That's keep it real! He looks like a sweetheart, so you can't be mad.

  3. This stuff is seriously a miracle!!! I have just run out and it's on the list to go and get but I can't remember where you can get it now. I'm sure some high end pet shops or I can try vets offices. Can't say enough about that stuff. Give puppy a pet for me...too sweet.

  4. Its too bad it happened on your gorgeous dresser. Glad you found something to help. My son took the pencil on our sofa cushions. :(

  5. Awww, poor dog. He's probably super embarassed. Nice to read about im-perfectness.

  6. Awww:(

    Yeah, he is too cute to stay upset with him. Love the dresser, though!

  7. Poor puppy poor you..I need to get me some of that for my daughters dog has had an accident twice ...but just after his "surgery" so may not be a on going problem!
    You are so amazingly do you do all you do...slow down!
    Wish I had my act together enough to join in the collie exchange! But never th less I am doing my part for the Christmas spirit....Crafting! Drop by to see what!

  8. My dog likes to mark his territory every time we bring anything new into the house or move things around. Had a friend not told me about Nature's Miracle my dog would spend most of his days locked in the laundry room!

  9. They don't kid about the miracle part. We foster dogs and accidents are inevitable. It really does work wonders. Enzymes FTW

  10. Geez, where was that stuff last year when Molly was peeing all over our carpets. I hope you managed to get some fun stuff done!

  11. ugh! Glad you found your saviour in that cleaning product!

  12. Poor dog. Was he embarrassed.

    God to know about the cleaning solution

    Have a great week

  13. I will have to try that Nature Miracle cleaning.. I came down stairs this morning and found my little pup had an accident on my NEW area rug! I am not happy.. I will be trying this.

    BTW Nice job on the dresser.. Looks great!

  14. LOL! I have three cats so I can relate. I'll have to try that cleaner. I have one that works wonderfully for all kinds of stains and odours. It's called Nature Clean Pet and Odour Remover (and it's made right here in Canada) and it's environmentally friendly.

  15. How could you get mad at that face!!! If he doesn't usually do that sort of thing, he might have a bladder infection?


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