~Take a Picture~

        I have been snapping photos of various rooms in my house to publish in future posts. After uploading several photos I discovered that a great decorating tool is to view your room through a photo. A photo gives you a different point of view and allows you to see what works and doesn't work. It is like looking through someone else's eyes. 

     Take for instance this photo of my dining/living room I posted on a Before and After posting, I saw that the framed prints I had hanging on the left side of the dining room wall look too small for the space. The scale is just wrong. They don't balance out the prints on the opposite wall.

      I also noticed that I need a splash of colour such as hanging some of my china plates alongside the mirror. I also need to hang up the mirror, it feels too heavy sitting on top of the sideboard. I wish the sideboard could fit into the alcove on the side. I am going to have to search for something to fill that space, maybe a bar cart??? If this was my house I would nix the blinds and make some beautiful roman blinds, in some luxurious silk or crisp linen. Good thing decorating a house is always an ever evolving process that takes time to layer and add those details that make it a home. Use that camera as your tool to critique your space!


  1. I totally agree. I picture can really help you see the good, bad and the ugly in your space. I love your home. So pretty. I think a bar cart would look great in the dining room!

  2. Brilliant! And perfect for me, as I had been in spring cleaning mode and moving/changing things around the house. Thank you, Barb! Julie


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