October 10, 2009

I should know better - always prime before you paint! After slapping on a coat of paint I realized that the paint was just peeling off. After some scraping and sanding, the bookcase is ready for some primer. I used Zinser cover stain. Good stuff. Dries in a hour, which is good for an impatient painter like myself. Afterward I used Benjamin Moore Aura paint, another great paint for us impatient painters. I am currently letting the bookcase to dry thoroughly before I set it up! More "after" photos will follow. Stay tuned.......


  1. The Zinser really has a sharp smell doesn't it. Makes my nose burn just thinking about it.

  2. Terry - thanks for posting a comment! Not bad for my first week!
    Yes - the Zinser smells. Wish there was an oil-based primer that didn't smell. My son hasn't slept in his room all week as we are trying to air out the smell of the primer.


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