~Desks for the girls~

I am finally rid of this horrible flu that has caused most of the family to be flat on their backs.  Now I can get back to my to-do list!
My goal this week is to find my girls desks for their rooms. Both my girls are in high school which can supply them with gads of homework. They have both had inadequate work space in their rooms for homework and studying. I was inspired by this posting in Apartment Therapy's Ohdeedoh website. 

from Odeedoh

This one lucky girl got a surprise bedroom makeover. The desk and shelves are from Ikea. I like the modern "teen" vibe this room carries. My oldest daughter has similar tastes and I have made her a bulletin/memory board similar to the one in the photo except made with a fuschia taffeta. I wish I could convince her for pale grey walls. Being 15 with opinions of your own she wanted a bright apple green. Her furniture is black and we have fuschia accents in curtains, pillows and artwork.  
Currently her room is a mess and I will take photos once the desk is in, bed painted and dresser touched up. My younger daughter chose a beautiful violet for her walls, called African Violet. It has been fun to decorate her room. More on this later.... Back to the desk issue: I think I am going to get them the same desk from Ikea. I am going to use the same legs, base and top. I may spray paint the legs black or white. I'll wait until I get it home and see what inspires me. 

I am liking this combination, but maybe with a glossy white top, legs either sprayed white or black. I might find a drawer unit too. Hmmm....with Ikea the possibilities can be endless. I am off tomorrow and might come back with more!

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