Little Picassos....

A great way to evoke the feeling of warmth and originality into your home is to use your children's artwork on display. I treat their work like I would any other painting that I have by using a mat and frame to "house" their masterpiece. The only cost is the frame and mat! I have a box full, I love buying frames when they are on sale. Target is a great place in the US, sadly I don't live there anymore. Here in Canada: Ikea, Michaels (when they are 50% off), Homesense (aka Homegoods in the US), Superstore/Lobelaws and Opus Art and Framing (a west coast art supply heaven) are great places to buy inexpensive frames. At
Opus I can get custom mats cut for a few dollars. It really gives the art a custom look. 
I love hanging the framed masterpieces around the house.  They evoke responses from almost everyone who visits. 
I apologize that the photos aren't the greatest. Still waiting for some bright light here on the "wet" coast!

Collage in the hallway....

 in the family room....

in the powder room....

on the fireplace mantel....

on another fireplace mantel.

*I am linking this to Frugal Fridays at the The Shabby Nest. I lack the creativity to create a new post (we are all fighting the icky flu) so I am re-cycling this one!


  1. I love this ideal. You won't see the same artwork in anybody else's house. Love this.

  2. I just saw your comment on my blog and hopped right over! YOU ARE RIGHT!! (Isn't it wonderful to have a great mind? HA!)
    It looks like you have a house full of artists, I love it! It is so much fun to see personal art around the house and the people who made it seem appreciative as well!
    Have a great one...Janell

  3. Gorgeous art and so fun to look at this post! love all the color.


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