DIY Stockings Inspired by Magnolia's Hearth and Hand

Want to sew stockings like Joanna Gaine's Hearth and Hand line? Look no further, I am your gal!

As a Canadian I felt a bit like the kid left out of the playground fun with the recent launch of gorgeous goodies by Chip and Joanna Gaines for Target. I fell in love with their stockings and since I didn't have time to venture to the US to hit up Target, I figured I'd sew and DIY my own. Our current stockings are 20 years old and needing to retire.

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After browsing my favourite online fabric shop, Tonic Living,  I found the perfect fabrics to make my creations! Now to get sewing.

There are countless stocking tutorials circulating around the web. I sketched out my pattern inspired by this one by The DIY Mommy, but I changed the shape of the foot. I also changed the cuff, I made the pattern go wide, so I would only have one side seam.

How to

You will need (for one stocking):

1/2 yard  (0.5 meters) fabric for stocking body
1/4 yard  (0.2 meters) fabric for cuff (if making a cuff)
1/2 yard  (0.5 meters) lining fabric (I used muslin that I had laying about)
coordinating thread
1/4 yard  (0.2 meters) pom-pom trim (optional)
9 inches  3/8 " wide black velvet ribbon
1  red tassel (optional)


1. Cut 2 pieces of main body of the stocking fabric and lining.
2. Cut 2 pieces of the cuff fabric.
3. Place right sides together and stitch along the edge, approx 1/4" seam allowance.

Stocking with a cuff:

Turn lining piece right side out and place inside stocking. Stitch edges together. Fold ribbon piece in half and stitch edges on the side seam along top of stocking. Piece cuff together (forgot to take photos - bad bad blogger). Add trim along the bottom edge.

 Turn stocking inside out so lining is on the outside, place cuff top edge along the edge of the stocking, stitch. Then turn right side back out. Fold cuff over.

Stocking without a cuff:

Stitch ribbon loop and tassel if using, to outside edge of stocking along the top. Turn lining so right sides are in. Place stocking piece inside lining. Tuck in ribbon and tassel.

Align edges and then pin. Stitch around edge except for about 3-4 inches. Leave unstitched so you can flip it inside out. Flip inside out and iron hem and pin. Slip stitch closed.

You can mix and match a variety of patterns and fabrics to get the look you want. Think plaids, stripes, natural linens, velvet and pom pom trim.

Stay tuned for my holiday mantle close-up coming later this week. Slowly the holiday decor is being dug out from the crawl space. Just trying to persuade the mister to go get a tree with me.

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  1. These are so super cute! Totally could be from hearth and home. So glad to have been a part of this hop with ya, and to visit your blog. Your mantle is looking lovely.

  2. These stockings are so gorgeous! You have mad sewing skills!!

  3. Barbara - these are stunning! I've been looking at stocking designs this winter and didn't ever settle on one. I love how these turned out! I'm pinning this right now.

  4. These stockings are so stylish and chic! I loved the cuffs and the pom poms are my favourite. I don't normally put out stockings, but I'm feeling inspired by this tutorial! Great tutorial :)

  5. This was my favourite craft on the hop! They’re so pretty and polished! Love the black & white palette too.

  6. Great minds think alike! Happy holidays!

  7. These are high end holiday boutique quality stockings!!! your seamstress skills are amazing, I would say these are much nicer than the ones in target!

  8. Your stockings look amazing. I love the black and white -the fabrics you picked are so nice. I'm very impressed with your sewing, lined and everything. Great job!

  9. These stockings are gorgeous!!! I'll try to make them :) Thanks for the idea.


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