Holiday Gift Guide for the Kids

As an empty nester, we no longer scramble to grab the latest toy for Christmas but I know what a struggle that can be. But as a kidnergarten teacher, I get to use and see toys in action in my classroom on a daily basis. I don't have trendy toys in my room but classic and some not so classic toys that stimulate the mind! Here are some toys that have been enjoyed in my room and have an educational purpose!

Keva planks are simply fabulous. Children get to be engineers and architects while using this seemingly simply block to create amazing structures. You can get a set of 400 or 200

Magna tiles are also an incredibly popular toy in my classroom. While building children are learning to take a 2D shapes to create 3D structures. I have added mini jingle bells at Christmas to make trees, etc. You can use this toy on a light table, or tuck battery operated lights inside as well to add another layer of exploration.

Osmo. It is used with an iPad tablet along with downloaded app ,which is free. Children learn letter recognition, word building, numbers, puzzle solving with tangrams and coding. It is a popular item in my classroom!

Books NEVER go out of style. Here are some favourites that teach STEM, problem solving, social emotional learning and kindness.

The Colour Monster, a pop up book of feelings. A popular book in my room. It teaches about the various emotions and ties in well with the Zones Of Regulation.

Rosie Revere, Engineer, a fabulous book all about a girl who creates. Great inspiration for block building play! There are a series of books, another called Iggy Peck, Architect and Ada Twist, Scientist

And you can never go wrong with Elephant and Piggie. They always make me laugh!

You still have time to order before Christmas! 

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