DIY: "Fun" Piece of Art

 As part of the One Room Challenge, a challenge where 20 bloggers makeover a room in 6 weeks, I created a piece of art for the games room I am working on. You can follow my progress here.

 Early in the fall I took a trip to a local vintage home decor shop that opened in Abbotsford called Spruce Collective. I have a bit of an obsession with typography and anything font related, a bit of a font nerd. My family rolls their eyes every time another letter or number finds it's way into our home. 

 I also can't resist vintage gas station sign letters. I have a few kicking around the house, so when I stumbled across another treasure trove at Spruce Collective I couldn't resist buying a few. The letters F- U-N called my name. Having a bit of a frame collection (yes, I hoard frames along with fabric, I have a bit of a disease, called FFFH- fabric, frame and furniture hoardosis) at home, the project just fell into place.

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What I used:

-Glue dots
-Pexiglass letters  (letterpress letters would work as well)
-Mat board
-X-acto knife
-Square ruler
-Ribba frame

How to:

1. Cut the mat board to size using the glass pane as a guide with the x-acto knife.

2. Using the square rule to find the center, align the letters.

3. Apply glue dots to the back of the pexi-glass piece on the dark parts. Press onto mat board.

4. Assemble frame and voila, a FUN piece for the wall.

XO Barbara


  1. This is great! I got married at a conservation area and I'd love to find the numbers of our campsite to do this with. Thanks!

  2. Came back for this one. I love it. So great.

  3. Love this! The arrow at the end totally makes it! Looking forward to seeing what else you do with the room.

  4. I love this Barbara! What a perfect addition to your games room! Have a great weekend!

  5. That's awesome. I would never have thought of those dots. They hold up well? I guess the letters don't weigh much. Did you steal them from your teacher's bag???

  6. Oh, that turned out great. I totally get your typography love!

  7. This is so much FUN! Love that you came up with such a creative idea. You make it look simple. But some of us are ruler challenged and the letter might not look as perfect as yours.

  8. I recently salvaged a bunch of stuff from the Ridge Theater that is getting torn down by my house and they had a bunch of those letters. I tried to take the whole box, but apparently they were going to recycle them for another theater ....... BUT I got to take some letters and in a rush all I could think of taking was TRACEY AND JAY. The letters are pretty big so I put them along the plate rail in our dining room. I like it, it makes me smile.

  9. Barbara! This is SUCH an awesome idea. I love how it turned out! I just might have to go do some thrifting soon!


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