One Room Challenge: Week Three

Welcome to week three!!!!

New to ORC? 

I, along with 19 other bloggers are attempting to makeover a room in 6 weeks. If you want to see where I began, just click on the ORC button on my sidebar to follow the fun!

Did I accomplish much this week?
Well, sort of. 

I managed to sew a pouf for the room. I followed this tutorial. I am wishing I made it larger, but it will still work as a floor pillow for the kids, just not as big as I hoped. I stuffed it with leftover flannel bits and fiber fill. The leftover fabric gives it a nice weight! Cost me nothing as I had all that fabric hoarded in my closet. Did I mentioned I have a fabric hoarding disorder? 

I want to know your thoughts.
 Should I embroider the seams, like poufs usually have? Or just leave the seams plain?

I decided to share the gallery wall that I managed to hang for last week's posting.
I love how I could incorporate my children's artwork. My eldest informs me that the green/blue artwork in the white frame is hung the wrong way! Oops!
More vintage pexi-glass gas station numbers are hung too! They are part of a collection that is beginning to build in my home. My family rolls their eyes when I bring more home, again another weakness I have along with fabric hoarding. (I have a few still "hiding", shhhh...don't tell them.)


I managed to order a few colour samples from Panyl.

Panyl is sponsoring a project for my ORC, they are helping me re-vamp my Billy bookcases which really need a bit of pizazz.

Here are the colours I ordered. I think I am leaning towards the green or black. It all depends on what kind of area rug and colour of coffee table I end up with.

 Panyl is introducing new patterns: chevron, stripes, dots and quatrefoil. I can't wait to get the samples in my hands to decide which one and then hopefully I can decide on the pattern! I will keep you posted.

I have been rug shopping online. My original thought was to buy a jute rug, but I am worried about how hard it would be to clean it if something spills. I have read that it can be and that it sheds like crazy causing dirt and dust to collect underneath. Anyone had a jute rug? Thoughts?

Rugs USA had a 50% off sale this past weekend, but I chickened out. I am hesitant in buying a rug online. Also to avoid duty charges I would have to send it to my US mailbox, which if I needed to return the rug would be a pain to cross the border. I loathe border line-ups!

So I am hoping to trek to Ikea to check out their rug selection.

These are possible options:
 Just my luck, this Tarnby jute rug is no longer available. 
 I like this rug but detest the edges. If I buy it, then I might have to do something about that. 

This weekend is my report card writing weekend, so either I will get nothing done in the games room because I am focussed on writing report cards OR I procrastinate writing and end up working on the games room! 

Come back next week to see!

Don't forget to follow along with the other ORC ladies. We are all working hard. Be sure to say "hi"


  1. I love your poof, and would leave it just the way it is. The kids won't notice the detailing while they are throwing it at each other. I have also loved that Ikea black and white rug, but was stopped by the colored banding. If that is the one you decide on, I'll be curious to see what you do to the edge. Give all your kids an "A".

  2. love the black rug, even the edges!

  3. GREAT pouf Barb, I love it. Good for you to tackle that-how small is too small? What's the diameter? I have no pouf experience, so this would be good info to pass on...Your gallery wall looks so smart, love the kids art and numbers. Good luck with your rug search. I'm on the same path.. wish we could meet up and search together!
    Good luck with report cards and all that. I was a teacher a while back and one year in a new school district they gave us the report cards in the AM and said they had to be passed out the same day.. chaos.
    xo Nancy

  4. The pouf is great and if there was ever a support group for fabric hoarders we could share a cab:) I love the bright and contrasting fabrics you chose. That gallery is great and I'd take those rolling eyes you encounter as a sign of amazement at your vintage shopping prowess. I know I'm impressed with your cool finds and how you use them!

  5. I love that you have stuff hiding in your house- that is hysterical. I totally do the same thing when it comes to shopping and my husband.

    Love the art wall and the pouf, this is going to be the perfect hangout space when you are finished!

  6. That pouf is wonderful!! I'm in love with all of the patchwork.

  7. I am seriously so impressed with that pouf!!!

  8. I am crazy about the pouf and love it just as is! I like the last rug for it's graphic impact, I am guessing you could just turn the edges under and stitch them. I hope you find time for grades and ORC projects!

  9. Oooh love everything you've done! I think the pouf looks SO good (wish I could sew!) - and it matches your blog! And I'm intrigued by Panyl, can't wait to see what you decide!! xo

  10. That pouf and art gallery are A-mazing. This is such a fun room with the bright colors and graphics. GREAT work!

  11. It's all coming together in spite of the rolling eyes - do said eyes ever pause? They don't in my household when I trapse yet another treasure through the door! I have a jute rug and have spilled red wine on it. Soaks it up like a sponge, and resists every stain therapy under the sun. I researched, after the fact of course, and did all the don'ts at the time of the spill. Bottom line, they're awesome for looks and durability, but don't do too well with spills - they don't like to get wet, and even water tends to spread and leave a stain. I've turned my rug to hide the damage, but that's about all I can do at this point...

  12. What an amazing room you're putting together for your kids! That pouf is GREAT! Love that you used your fabric stash and combined fabrics! The gallery wall behind the TV is so much fun, too. This room has such a great vibe.

  13. Great pouf!! Love the art. Can wait for next week.

  14. LOVE your pouf and the fun vibrant gallery wall is perfect with your kiddos art! Another vote for the b & w Ikea rug!

  15. Wow, so impressed with your pouf!! I say leave the edges!

  16. Awesome Barbara! It's coming along great! Very impressed with your sewing skills:)

  17. Great job with the pouf! I like it as is, but I'm sure it would look great either way (I'd probably skip the extra work because I'm lazy like that!). I feel the same way about that last rug - love the pattern, but NOT the edges!

  18. I love the pouf Barb!!! I would leave it as it is. The room is going to look fantastic!

  19. I can't believe you made that pouf! So impressed. Too bad that Ikea rug is discontinued it would be perfect! I have never had a jute rug so not sure about the shedding.

  20. I LOVE that pouf!! I go through so many shelves of fabric and give to GoodWill about once a year ... and then I get so mad at myself for giving the good stuff away. But really ... I might not be able to find a space to walk without purging!! The Gallery Wall and the Numbers ... just keep it coming!! xo

  21. Another reason I'm kicking myself for never learning how to sew. The pouf is so cute! Love that first Ikea rug and agree about the bad borders on the black & white geometric.

  22. Pouf pouf pouf love love love! Your wall looks fab too. Make sure to give your kids good grades ...... especially the ones that were bad or else you'll see them again next year :-) although I'm sure you don't have one bad kid in the class because you probably have awesome projects like these to keep them busy.

  23. Lots to decide on. Love the pouf and I don't think you need to embroider it. I like it simpler.

  24. What a great way to use up those bits of fabric that I hoard like a crazy person. I love that pouf, the colours are awesome!

  25. Totally in love with the pouf! What a great way to use those remnants!

  26. Love the pouf the way it is! Good luck with report cards (I don't miss doing those!).

  27. The pouf is really great! I wouldn't do seams. The art wall is really sharp as well. I like how it frames the TV- it helps it recede a bit.

  28. Looking FAB! I'm crazy about that pouf! Nice job!!!

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