Patio on the Brain

With a summer fast approaching, I have been busy working in the garden, pulling out weeds, transplanting overgrown perennials and planting flats of petunias to add pops of colour in the flower beds.

But one area of our yard that has me feeling blah is our patio area. 

Most of you know we are renting, but we also have a postage stamp of a back yard.
 In Virginia we had a 1/2 acre but here, a postage stamp yard. 

Our patio is a concrete pad with not much personality. I have purchased tall black planters and added boxwood to give some height on the corners. But our patio set has seen better days. I hate the thought of getting rid of it, but I can't find patio cushions, at a great price or my style {yes, black and white striped} to replace the smelly ones we currently have. 

Can you believe replacing 6 patio cushions will run me at least $250? 
And the cushions I have come across remind me of my grandmother's sofa.
 Not exciting in the decor department.

Also all the patio "sets' I come across that don't cost a gazillion dollars are "yawn" - boring.

So I am trying to think outside the box. 

Here is my idea for our patio.

A few resin wicker chairs from Canadian Tire. Only $50 each {and they go on sale periodically}

I'll use them with our current table until I can find or save up enough for a gorgeous teak table.

Then of course my back yard would have to have some black and white stripes in the form of a fabulous patio umbrella from Pottery Barn. { A little out of my price range, but a girl can dream}

Then add my blue and white Chinese garden stool and an outdoor rug from Martha Stewart to add that feeling of inside out!

Now if only the sun would come back! I am tired of all the "wet" coast rain!

Tell me, what is on your deck/patio?

XO Barbara


  1. I so need to work on my patio......although it is already pretty hot here so I may just skip this season :). I think what you have put together will be just perfect!

  2. Love that outdoor rug from Martha Stewart. It's stunning!!!

  3. Looks like a fantastic plan! I know what you mean about postage stamp back yards! I just did a post on container gardening because I don't have room for a real garden. Have fun on your trip with Nancy!

  4. I used to have that indoor/outdoor rug and loved it! A deck/patio is on my wish list, but probably not something we'll get to until next year - in the meantime, I love checking out others' inspiration!

  5. Like the striped umbrella. I agree that matching sets are very boring, and way overpriced these days. Mixing up old and new is more interesting and better for the wallet.

  6. When it's all done ...... and I know it will look incredible ....... please invite me.

  7. Hhhh, we don't even have a deck or a patio. This rental is sorely lacking in that department, and believe it or not, this home is only 4 years old and built as a spec home. I know, hard to believe, right? I love your black planters and boxwood - what a great idea! And the rest, well, it exudes the Barbara touch - très magnifique!

  8. Love the plan! ... I don't have a patio or deck, but I do have a screened-in porch -- currently inhabited by wasps. So, it needs a little work to say the least!!

  9. I can feel your pain Barb. Our backyard was a complete disaster when we took possession and we're spending all our time and money on it. Yuck, not what an interior designer likes to do with either of those precious commodities:)

  10. I have that exact outdoor rug and love it! The striped umbrella is cute too.

  11. I like the ecclectic look of what you've picked out! We have a new home with no landscaping, we're hoping we are able to get a patio done this year.

  12. oh mine! The look of your patio looks almost identical to mine! I'm going for black&white with kelly green + indigo blue ... yes I'm re-doing my balcony again!

    Can't wait to see you this afternoon!

  13. Love love this! Perfect. period. If i had a patio like that i would be bbq all day long!


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