Para Paints + Me

There is a special contest that Para Paints is hosting for Blogpodium attendees, a chance to become part of their special blog crew, where they provide paint and a stipend towards supplies and you can just paint your heart out.
Well......that is just screaming my name
Can't you hear it? I is subtle at first but gets louder and louder the more I think about it.

Yes, Para Paints, you need me.

 I can help you with your problem with all your paint that is just dying for a new home. My home would gladly take you...

Para, you and I would make a good team. 

We would work well together. 

Like peanut butter and jelly.

Like Nutella and bananas.


Like cookies and milk.


Like paint and a paintbrush.....

You see, I live in a rental home where I can not renovate. I sit on the sidelines watching all these amazing renovations take place at other blogs, while I can only paint. It is hard, trying not to cry myself to sleep at night. But I hold my head high because, I can paint!

So, help me bring some pizazz to my rental home. 

You see I have a problem. I painted the home when I first moved in 4 years ago. It was before pre-blogging days, before I knew better. There are rooms in my home that scream pinky-beige and my furniture is all espresso stained. Serious design problem.

A sad scenario.

What would Meredith Heron say?


Para and I, we could add some splash with little cash.
All it would take is paint to make this diy diva happy.

Together we can spruce up this room, give it some personality with paint. Let spare this room from it's pinky-beige misery

{hard to see in photos, but pinky it is...}

And.. my entry, hallway, and handrail. I am shamefully putting this horrid sight on my blog for the first time. The first step in a design intervention is to admit there is a problem, non?

What colours would I pick you ask?

Well for the beige-y living room, wouldn't this look grand?

Sarah Richardson Paint for Para in Powder{SR 1}

A cool colour, one that would bring sexy back.

Paired with....
...for the stairwell handrail. 
More sexy. Even just the name tuxedo brings out the sexy, don't you think?

OH, but the fun doesn't stop here.

I have this room as well.
Full of espresso stained furniture and greeny hue walls that desperately NEED a design intervention.

I think
A little Bisque by Sarah Richardson for Para Paints {SR 44} would make it look smashing!

See the desk in the corner in all it's espresso stained glory? 

It would look amazing in:

Then maybe my desk would take homework seriously being dressed in a banker's suit.

So Para, see how you can help me?
 Do you see what a great team we can be?
 As I have so much to do and your paint would come in handy. 

And I can help by being Para proud, since you are
  "so Canadian, eh?"

Think of the painting party we would have. Think of all the blog love you would get.

We would work sooooo well together.

You and I.

Me and you.

Para and me!

XO Barbara


  1. You have me LOL! This is a great pitch, and yup, I do think you and PARA are a perfect fit. Good luck - say 'hi' to Sarah and Tommy on the PARA stage once you're up there! ;-)

  2. You have me LOL! This is a great pitch, and yup, I do think you and PARA are a perfect fit. Good luck - say 'hi' to Sarah and Tommy on the PARA stage once you're up there! ;-)

  3. Yes, you two would make magic together! I have used Sarah's line of paint and it's really nice. Beautiful coverage and the colours are gorgeous. Good luck!!!


  4. Very Cute Post Barb! Para paints are truly Great! I've personally used them and they gone really great!

  5. You are speaking my language. And making me laugh. I too rent, and long to do renovations once again. Sigh.

    Love your choices of grays, whites and blacks. I'm crossing my fingers for you!

  6. you are darling, If they don't pick you I will seriously be offended.
    Good Luck!

  7. Will you paint just the handrail, or the wood at the bottom of the rails too?


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