Art + Lack Shelf = Nice Addition

Hope all you mothers had a fabulous Mother's Day. I was spoiled rotten. I did not have to cook or clean any meal Sunday, which for me is heaven! And the meals were fabulously put together and delicious!

In lieu of my annual spa day or gifts I asked to go clothes shopping as am heading to Blogpodium in less than two weeks and I don't have a thing to wear that is remotely fashionable!

You know how stressed I am knowing I am going to meet all these fashionable and talented bloggers from Canada, mostly from Toronto and I can not show up looking like a frumpy housewife or school teacher. Akk! I need a Stacey and Clinton intervention. 

Good thing I have teenage daughters who are brutally honest and know a thing or two about style.


Even though my eldest daughter is heading off to university, I can't help myself but make changes to her room. When we moved in we installed simple shelves with brackets running up the wall above her desk. But for the past year they have irritating me, creating visual clutter.
Hated the brackets. 
Down went the shelves last month and up went a floating Lack shelf from Ikea. Hubs had it hung within 30 minutes, saving me the headache of installing it myself {and sparing our walls from countless holes}

Anyone else out there like that, have great intentions to line things up, only make ONE hole and then, bam, all wrong and need to drill another hole?

OK, I am getting sidetracked...
I wanted the shelf to simply be a place to layer some art and stack a few books. Even though I am not sure of the arrangement on the left, I love the collection of art!

The two fashion themed pieces of art are by the lovely Elani Sofroniou, her esty shop is called "store around the corner".

While the "L" is for love piece is by my lovely friend Beatrice from The Crafty Bee, her etsy shop is : Chocolat and Cherries.

The large frame is a Ribba frame from Ikea with a custom mat, while the other two I had kicking around. 

Quick and easy change to the room but looks 10 x better.

The battle for who gets to take over this room when she moves out, is on! While it will still be "her" room, I hope I can turn it into my "office/sewing room".

But the hubs has other ideas.......

XO Barbara


  1. Always simply elegant Barbara. Wish we lived close to an IKEA. Truly I think it would change my life : ) Love the use of the Ribba with a custom mat.

  2. Ha, glad we aren't the only ones making changes to a room soon to be empty 90% of the time! There will be no fighting over our daughter's room however (unless the dog claims it) as we will now have more rooms empty than we know what to do with. Loving the addition of the shelf and artwork.

  3. Your shelf & frames look great and you will look fabulous at Blogpodium I'm sure!

  4. You'll definitely never be frumpy!! The shelf looks great. Have a great shopping trip :)

  5. OH That looks great ...the framed prints really are wonderful...p.s. not sure you could EVER look frumpy! Watxh out Toronto! We will miss your smiling face @ Scout Market...I still remember your smiling face @ the first one a year ago! WOW....!

  6. I would have the same problem hanging a shelf and end up probably having to redo the wall! LOL!! Looks Great!

  7. This looks great, Barbara!! I have the same print from Chocolat and Cherries, but haven't quite found the perfect spot in my house for it yet.

    Now onto the more important matter of clothing at Blogpodium :) Hope you had fun shopping! It's so great that you're able to come!! Speaking of which, I'm part of the EQ3 contest on Pinterest and would LOVE any comments (ie. votes) if you have a sec. I'm a close second right now!

  8. Wow, so stylish! Your daughter is so lucky - my room never looked this good as a teenager!

  9. Shelves are my friend. This one looks great! Happy Shopping!! :)

  10. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!!! They look fabulous!!! Whoever gets the room at least there will be eye candy now. Two things ....... you never look frumpy and second of all, you will look absolutely fantastic when you are in Toronto, you always look put together. Just as those shelves do. Gosh I'm jealous you get to go!!!!

    1. The room looks fantastic Barbara. Adore the notice board! Thanks so much once again for purchasing my art work and displaying them in your daughters lovely room and blog. Eleni xo

      P.S. In celebration of this lovely feature, I have created a 15% discount on all my illustrations. Enter this coupon code at the checkout to redeem: Hodgepodge


  11. Looks fab Barbara! I hear you on the brackets 10-fold, and love what you've done here. Who says you have to own to have style. It's all about knowing how to showcase style, and you do that in spades!!!

  12. I hear ya on brackets! Gotta love lack shelves for that! I'm sure you'll be the most stylish one at blogpodium

  13. It looks lovely, too bad she won't be around to enjoy it! I guess at Christmas. I say it becomes a MOM Cave. Reading, looking at Magazines, and sewing.

  14. Such a lovely display! So glad you introduced me to Elani- love her work!

  15. Great upgrade! And I'm sure you will look lovely at Blogpodium. Have a great time!


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