Tommy Does it Again...

While enjoying my new House and Home app, I saw this online segment.

Tommy does it again.....

He designs a drool worthy kitchen.

I don't really need to explain, the space just drips of gorgeousness.

{Click on photo to view video}

What could be more perfect, Tommy designing your kitchen AND black, white, red with touches of gold all in one space.

Am going to file this one away along with these kitchens.

Hope you enjoyed that bit of juicy inspiration to bring on the weekend!

XO Barbara


  1. Tommy did a fabulous job on that kitchen. Kind of reminds me of the one him and Sarah just did for Sarah's House. After reading your post, I went straight to finally checking out H&H's app on my phone and was instantly addicted. H&H APP = :-)

  2. He did good on this one...the brass knobs..killer.

  3. Oh I love this kitchen. I just read the article yesterday and feel head over heels in love! I wanted so badly to blog about it this morning, but couldn't find an image online to share! Haha...delighted to see it here on you're fabulous blog. Tommy rocks!!!

  4. Love the two-toned cabinets and that amazing floor!

  5. Yes, their app is a good one! Tommy is a talented man. I was so excited when he told me he's related to Conn Smythe (I'm a hockey fan. What can I say?)
    That kitchen is beautiful, especially the floor!

  6. I also really like two-toned cabinets! Especially in grey. So pretty.

  7. Love this kitchen!! The grey/white mix of cabinets is always a hit in my books!

  8. off I go to see your other inspirations! to see what everyone is interested in!

  9. Barb, I think when you make it big in the design world you need to steal Tommy away from Sarah. He has your style nailed down!!

  10. Tommy is such a rock star! I love this kitchen!!! And I'm so envious of your iPhone... I sent the link to your iPhone post to my hubby and said I NEED an iPhone... pouting with a sad face... the catch, my plan isn't up for awhile :-(

  11. Wowsa; a truely fabulous space!! And just perfect for you, Barbara :-) Love Tommy's design esthetic!!

  12. I'm in love with Tommy's work. It's a perfect kitchen.

  13. What a great space, I would have liked it if the cabinets were a little grayer to tie in with the floor but it's very cool!
    I need to dig out mine from the mail on my front hall!
    Great to see you today!


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