Sanity Saver App

Recently I got an iPhone. 

Nancy said it would change my life. She was right. 

To have all the world at your fingertips no matter where you are {except for inside Costco - no reception there} is life changing.

What is even more life changing, more like a sanity saver is the new Canadian House and Home app for smart phones! 


I can now watch all the House and Home online episodes while waiting for children at music lessons, hanging out at the hockey rink, waiting for soccer practice to end, etc. 

key word : waiting

That is what I do in the evenings, Drive my kids everywhere and wait.

While waiting at {insert choice activity} I saw a tweet about the House and Home app for iPhone. Intrigued I downloaded it. Did I mention it was free?

Browsing through I came across photo galleries. 

Perfect entertainment for this decor addict. 


Cue angels singing "Hallelujah".

They also have online TV episodes. 


So while I wait, I can watch the latest home tours. 

Tomorrow I share my most recent favourite! 

Get yours here for free!

XO Barbara


  1. I don't have an iphone, so I'll have to live vicariously through you!
    Have a lovely day, Barbara!
    ~ Wendi ~

  2. See! All the more reason for me to get one! :)

  3. Oh what a great idea! I so wish I had an iphone!

  4. oh my gosh! I had forgotten about watching their online episodes!! I am SO downloading this right this minute! xo

  5. Where was this when my kids were non-drivers?!!! I can't think of a better way to use that time.

  6. Good for you ! You deserve something great for yourself while hanging around being a great mom ! That app sounds really good. I'm on Blackberry but have been wondering if life would be better with an Iphone

    Joanne from

  7. This is fantastic news. Thank you so much.

  8. That is so wonderful Barb! I hope for one soon too!

  9. Hilarious ...... I have the app but haven't had time to enjoy it. Sometimes I wish I had moments of "waiting" in order to at least try it.

  10. Thanks so much for this wonderful post, Barb! We really appreciate it! (So thrilled to hear after all of our efforts on it!) Good news, there is also an Android version and the BlackBerry, Playbook, Windows Phone 7 and Nokia/Symbian versions will be available very soon!

    Thanks again, Lisa Murphy, Online Director, House & Home Media

  11. Yeah for you my daughter has one and as you say...changing!...Enjoy your waiting time now!

  12. I have had an Iphone for over 2 years now and I think I would marry it if I could ;-)
    I just downloaded the House and Home app this week and have yet to try it out. I'll have to check it out the next time I'm waiting....


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