Thank-you Style at Home

A big thanks

 to Style at Home for inviting me to participate in Blogger' Christmas Decorating Tips!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Come back Sunday for another installment in my So Canadian, eh? series.
It will be my last one for this year. I have an amazing local blogger lined up for this Sunday!

And to kick off the new year
 I have a fabulous guest lined up for January, she is a mover and and a shaker in the design publication industry!

XO Barbara


  1. Oh gosh! This is amazing news! What an honour. Many, many congratulations to you :)

  2. Great feature, Barbara! I love your Christmas decor tip.
    Have a lovely day on the 'wet' coast!
    ~ Wendi ~

  3. Congrats Barbara! You have some gorgeous pictures and great ideas. Have a great weekend.

  4. Like I said before .... it was well deserved Barbara! You are full of talent and it should be noticed. I look forward to your last interview of the year!!! Hmmm who could it be???

  5. Congrats Barbara! Love your Christmas decor tip. The iridescent ribbon makes it extra pretty.

  6. Congratulations Barbara! And I can't wait to read your next interview... and your first one of the new year! :-)

  7. Congratulations Barbara! Loved seeing your holiday decorating tip on the Style at Home website! What a wonderful honour!


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