Handmade Holidays : A Christmas Pillow How-To

Yesterday I showed you a little holiday addition to my sofa. 

You see all the other pillows were thrilled when this 

was added to the mix.

But now they are even more overJOYed with the newest addition.

Want to whip up a Christmas pillow for yourself? It is really quite easy.

You need two squares of fabric cut 1" larger than finished size 
{my pillow was 18" X 18", so I cut a "19 X 19" square} 

T-shirt ransfer paper 


For the Silent Night pillow I used a template from the Dear Lillie blog.

Creating a template is quite easy. 
The goal is to have a reversed template.

Create your word or letters in Word in desired font. I used Academy Engraving.
Enlarge to desired size, I sized my font to 400.

The whole word didn't fit on one page, the "Y" was on a second page, but I am just showing you one page for the how-to.

 Save file as PDF.

Re-open the file so you can save it as a JPEG file. {This is the only way to reverse your image}

In JPEG format, open "Tools" and scroll down to "Flip Horizontal".


Print onto paper, to make sure it is the desired size. If satisfied, then print onto transfer paper.

Cut out letters.

Iron any creases and wrinkles out of your fabric.

 Place the letters printed side down onto your fabric, being careful to center on the square.

Iron on highest setting and run the iron over the letters in a circular motion for about 30 seconds on each letter.
{Don't overdo as you can burn the transfer paper and your fabric}

How do I know this? Read this post.

 Let cool and slowly peel off backing. If you find printed bits are coming off, lay back down and run over with a hot  iron again.

Don't look too closely, the letter "J" is askew a bit. Oops.

If you want a copy of my template, feel free to leave me your email in your comment and I can email you one!

Then sew up the pillow using my invisible zipper tutorial.

Yesterday I was also busy taking photos of my home all dolled up for the holidays. Hoping to have the photos up tomorrow!

Should of been on the ball and taken photos on Monday when it was bright and sunny, now the weather is blah and so hard to take photos, especially since my tripod broke :(

What was fun was that I practiced with our 50mm lens {after reading this article} and that takes fabulous photos, but it is harder than Matthew Mead makes it out to be. Could of used a tripod not a rickety ladder. 

Are you all decorated up for the holidays?

XO Barbara


  1. Thanks for the tutorial. Your pillow turned out perfectly. I can't wait to see your Christmas decorating pics!
    Have a lovely day, Barbara!
    ~ Wendi ~

  2. Barbara,
    Your such a talented lady!
    Love the pillows!
    Happy Holidays!
    Shelly xo

  3. Looks great! I'll definitely try this next year. Love that b&w chair too!

  4. So pretty Barbara! I love the "joy" one sitting on your black & white stripe chair.

  5. You ROCK! I love both the pillows, and your tutorial also rocks!;)

  6. Great idea Barbara... you can never go wrong by adding typography!! ;)

  7. Great tutorial. I love things with words.

  8. Very cool Barbara! He he I got a peek into your lovely home and your coveted leather couch. Those pillows are awesome!! I just love any type on things ...... especially pillows.

  9. Gorgeous! Love it - and GREAT tutorial! I've been crafting and decorating away on my end too (some projects on my blog if you have the time). What a great time of year :)

  10. The pillow looks amazing! I just love your projects. Your pictures are so nice, your home looks amazing (can't wait to see more), AND even your ironing board cover is pretty!!!!
    Nancy xo

  11. Determined to have a go at more crafts next year, this is one I am going to try. Thank you for the detailed tutorial. Your home looks gorgeous, and the black and white striped chair, I have to confess I am feeling rather covetous!


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