Wednesday Happenings

There is a lot of exciting things happening here....

Tonight I have been invited by some fabulous local bloggers and vintage home shop owners, Lily and Rachel, from Birch and Bird, to be a judge for their upcoming Fieldstone Market. I get to go to a soiree tonight for some wine tasting at the EcoDairy and help choose which vendors will participate in this fabulous market!

Not only to I get to mingle with Lily and Rachel, but my pal Victoria Lambert will be there and I get to meet Janis Nicolay {her photographs frequent Canadian House and Home and Style at Home }

The fun doesn't stop here.
On Thursday I am meeting my first client. That client is a friend of mine who has asked me to help re-design her teen daughter's space!

Quite excited to design someone else's space!

AND last night this baby came home with me 
{Husband rolled his eyes when he opened the garage, actually his exact words were "What is that?}

$45!!!!! It was an estate sale find and in fantastic shape!
Now to decide what colour to paint it.


The fun never stops!

XO Barbara


  1. Lucky girl - how fun!!! Have a great time.

  2. So much excitement for you! Sounds like a great event and I'm excited to follow along with you designing someone else's space!

  3. Wow! That sounds amazing! Have fun and take lots of pictures! Did you say $45? Incredible, speechless, jealous! Can't wait to see the transformation!

  4. Wow, Barb. You're quite the mover and shaker. Have a great time. It sounds like so much fun. Love the dresser...where's it going?

  5. So many happenings to comment on - have fun at the soiree ;-)

    Congratulations on your client - lucky teenage daughter!

    And... great find at the estate sale - can't wait to see what you do with it!

  6. Congratulations on being selected as judge AND being hired to take on a design job!
    That's pretty awesome stuff.

    Laughing about your husband. I get the same thing at my house.

  7. That is a good deal for a solid piece. Congrats on the design job and hope you are able to share some pictures.

  8. WooHoo ~ a design job!! You'll have fun with that :-) And we'll have fun tonight!! Lovin' your estate sale find... will you use it at home, or maybe for your client's daughter's room?!

  9. You do have a lot going on! 1. I'm jealous you get to meet Janis - she seems like such a sweetheart! 2. Congrats on the new client - you'll do great! 3. What are you planning for the dresser?

  10. Fun! HOpe the meeting with the client goes / went well. And that dresser is a really great find for $45! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  11. That's all he said?? Sounds like a fun week, hope you'll post your redesign!

  12. Ha husband says things like that if he did not know what it was. What he really means is why do you have that :)

  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets eyes rolled at them from the husband...

  14. Yay on the design job!
    I admit when you said that "this baby came home with me" my first thought was a stray dog or something!!

  15. There is nothing quite like taking something no one else wants and transforming into a beautiful object, is there? My husband suffers from the same frequent eye rolling :)

  16. Fabulous find!!! I am missing yard sales and estate sales while overseas and this makes me so sad.


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