Giveaway Winner!

Drum roll......

The winner of the original painting from Blue and Beyond {yes, painted by my lovely daughter} is....


Congratulations Monika from Splendid Willow!

I would love to see photos of the painting hung up!

I am back from vacationing. The life of leisure has come to an end. Now onto tackling the to-do list.

I recently won an online design consult from 10 Rooms and I am excited to give my living room the makeover it so desperately needs this fall!

XO Barbara


  1. YEAHHHH!!!! I hardly ever win anything!!! Thank you, thank you!

    And what a lovely piece it is. I can't wait to show pictures of it hung!!!

    Do you want me to pick it up on our next trip to Vancouver? (A great reason also finally meet!)

    Love to you both - and thank you again. I am very thrilled!

    ox, Mon

  2. Congratulations to the winner! I checked the etsy link, and your daughter is very talented.

  3. Congratulations to Monika!! Such a lovely giveaway to win!

  4. What a pretty painting, your girl is so talented! And how exciting to get a design consult, you are so lucky!

    xox Linda

  5. I can't wait to see it hung in her home. It'll be so exciting for your daughter to see that as well.


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