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Donna from Funky Junk Interiors. 

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Donna's blog, Funky Junk Interiors was one of the first blogs I stumbled upon waaaay back when. Not only is she Canadian but a local gal as well, living deep in the Fraser Valley where picturesque farmland touches the edges of the Coastal mountains. 

I was mesmerized by her tenacity and creativity. She has single handedly re-created and re-imagined her home in her own unique funky junk style. This woman never ceases to amaze me with her creations. 

She is a blogger-powertool-photogapher-gardener-builder-crafter-wonderwoman, taking nothing and making it into something. Donna has proven to us, that with a little imagination, you can use what you have mixed with salvaged pieces to create beautiful things that look like they cost a million.

She is the queen of funky junk. Give her a wooden pallet, some paint and rusty bits and she will create a one-of-a kind piece. 

But her amazingness doesn't stop there..
Not only is she a master of junk overhauls, but she takes amazing photos! Her blog is such a visual treat, full of photos not only from inside her home but from her serene and beautiful garden, local retreats and her beloved pets.
She is a blogger extraordinaire, she has created a fabulously successful blog with a fantastic following. Her blog is full of tips, success stories and heartfelt stories. 

Never a dull moment at Funky Junk.

Below are a smidgen of photos that demonstrate her amazingness. 
Frankly, it was so hard to choose, there are so many projects, you just need to head on over and get lost in her blog!

Her TV stand made from pallets and the fantastic window screen that looks like a gorgeous barn door.

Donna's graphic artist talents shine in this playroom sign headboard.

Can you believe this shed makeover made with salvaged bits of lumber?

Her equestrian inspired foyer complete with a horse gate coat rack.

Bingo tray made from scraps and a stencil, something she just "whipped" up.

Amazing stair transformation using dollar store craft paints. Unbelievable!

All photos courtesy of Funky Junk Interiors

Tell us a bit about yourself? What is you background? Your education? Did you study art/design?

I’ve always been artistic. I won my first art poster ribbon in elementary school and had it proudly displayed in a storefront window. Boy was I proud! When I moved to high school, I took as many art courses as I could, aced grade 12 with straight A’s (I failed math btw) and moved onto non artistic but good paying jobs. Hated every one of them.
Until one day the dept. store I worked at had a warehouse sale. I was able to hand draw signs all day long while wearing jeans! I thought I’d died and gone to Heaven that week. From there I proceeded to land two sign shop jobs and started my own biz. I’ve had 6 months of formal graphic design training which helped me with my biz, however no training whatsoever in interior design.

What made you decide to start blogging?

A team of church volunteers were helping me fix my broken house. (story HERE) I started my first blog Our Extreme Home Makeover Experience to document the progress for the church to view. Once the renos were complete, I started decorating with no budget and quickly saw that what I was creating needed it’s own home. I had to figure out a name for what I was producing. Funky Junk Interiors was born and is exactly as it sounds. I like to make junk funky and use it in my home.

What have you enjoyed about blogging and what has surprised you along the way? 

I’m a writer type and I appear to have a lot to say, so blogging gave me that outlet.
My biggest surprise was that what I was creating was actually being well recieved! I use to flinch before I hit publish! Sometimes I still do. :)

Do you find having a blog has helped you create an income or make a name for yourself in the design world?

Putting yourself out there can bring in all kinds of opportunity. A book editor contacted me after sighting my blog and while the deal hasn’t gone through, it still could. Every magazine I’ve been in thus far has found me, not the other way around. And then there’s therecognition for my style that’s now becoming well known. While blogging isn’t making me rich, it’s given me so much more and continues to. And I aim to keep at it until I CAN flip my passionate hobby into my life’s work some how, some way.

You are a savvy and sensational blogger, any quick tips for aspiring bloggers out there?

Wow, me? Why... thanks!

I think you’ll agree, blogging takes all kinds of skills. Writing, photography, staging, graphic design, and more. It’s my belief that the better you get at these abilities, the better your blog will become.
And it doesn’t come overnight. My first photos were dark yellow and today I cringe at them. :) I’ve grown in ability since day one in ALL of the above by alot of hard work and being passionate about improving what I can do for myself.
Blog what you love so your passion carries you through slower times, make your projects uniquely yours so you give visitors a reason to see YOUR creations, and your blog can’t help but to prosper.

If you could change one common mistake most bloggers make, what would it be?

Expecting instant results. It takes a long time to be discovered and that just comes from putting your BEST work out there. Publish your best photos. Proof read your drafts until you can’t find any more improvements. Show your best work and when others finally do arrive your way, they’ll be eager to join up so they don’t miss a thing!

What do you like to do in your free time {that is if you have any}?

I have two definitions of free time:
1. With my son on a weekend. I’ll putz away at a project but not for long. We love to head outdoors, have unexpected picnics in the most unique places, go for river walks with the dog, hit the movie theatre for the latest kid flick, and go camping in the summer.
2. Without my son on a weekend. The first thing I’ll do is pick up a hammer or go thrifting. That IS the best most glorious free time imaginable!

Where do you go for inspiration for your blog, for your funky junk work?

I host a weekend link party with three categories, home decor, crafts and a theme of the week such as old doors. And let me tell you, after a short 30 minutes of viewing the linkups, each weekend I’m BUZZED to get off the computer and go spew some dust into the air. While I never copy, I’m definately inspired to go create! I’m hooked on the instant gratification oof making something out of nothing. I never get enough.

What are your hopes and dreams for your blog and where it might lead?

One day I dream of walking away from my day job because my passion is officially paying my way. The blog is bringing opportunity. Now I have to figure out the rest. :)

Is there any one accomplishment that you are proud of ?

That changes. Early on, I thought it was my old crate stairway. You see I didn’t know how to build so fiddling with what was just there and making it really cool was the easy way out for me.
Today, I’m most proud of the 16 foot farm table style desk I created from scratch out of pallet wood. Once I figured out the mecanics of framing, the rest came. I’m still scratching my head in disbelief that I built that thing! AND it’s still standing. :)

How would you describe your design style?

Good question! Realistically rustic. Funky farmhouse. Got me. (hey... that last one’s a good one!) I don’t really define it with a name. I just use what I can find, make it into something rustically cool and call it good.

If you were given the opportunity to meet anyone or do anything, what would it be and why?

I want to travel. I want to visit places to personally teach women that they can.
They can work with tools and build themselves even if they aren’t builders. They can have cool things without a budget. They can have a good life despite what they may see as hurdles today.
And, I want to meet those that follow of my blog and thank them personally for inspiring me to do my very best.

As a single mother of a tween son how do you manage to balance life and blogging?

It isn’t easy. When my son is with me, that’s family time. When he’s in bed, that’s blogging time. When he’s in school that’s my work time.
Do I mess up and get involved in a story when I meant to quickly check email during son time? Absolutely! But he now knows how to cook dinner because of it too. :)

What are your views on the role Canadian design plays in the world design scene? 

Do you feel that Canadians have a unique sense of style and design, and if so, what is it that you think sets us apart?
I’m not sure I view decorating quite like that. I see decorators take on looks dependent on where they live and what they personally love. Living beside a lake inspires lakeside
decor. Living in a big farmhouse in the middle of acerage invites a vintage vibe. Desiring to live in a cottage brings out those elements.
To look at my own personal style doesn’t say Oh Canada to me. It says, “She likes junk!” And hopefully that’s a good thing. :)

Thanks Donna for participating. Hopefully one of theses days I will get a chance to meet the great Donna (since we are practically neighbours :)

XO Barbara


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