My Trip to Anthropologie

Vancouver finally got an Anthropologie

Yesterday I met my friend, Carol from The Design Pages, at Anthropologie. 
{I think I can call her a friend, after a few thrift store jaunts we have jumped to meeting for lunch. She is far better talented than I, but she doesn't let on how brilliant she is

A visit to Anthropologie is quite a trek as I live in the suburbs, and anyone from the Vancouver area knows that with all the new highway/bridge building the traffic can really stink. Nonetheless, I was excited to hit Anthropologie. 

After living in a Virginia suburbs of Washington DC for a few years, where all the exciting stores {and outlets} were, it was a bit of a shock coming back here. The closest Pottery Barn {we only have one here on the west} is all the way in Vancouver. You Americans don't know how lucky you are, a Pottery Barn in every major mall, as well as Williams and Sonoma,  Crate and Barrel, West Elm, and the list can go on. Let's not even get into the topic of a Target in almost every town.  We Canadians, let me re-word that, we Vancouverites are deprived of a decent selection of furniture and inspirational stores to shop at!

So we get excited when a new store pops up, even though it is a 45 minute drive away {at least for me, Carol, lucky her, lives closer}

Here are a few pics I snapped up while at the store. 

The sad part of this story is put two DIY gals into an Anthropologie and they just end walking around saying, "I could make that!"

Like this lamp shade...
 A great DIY project, dictionary pages torn and decoupaged on a lamp shade.

 Loving the owl cookies jar, so retro. I am seeing my elementary school friend Alison's 70's kitchen with funky owl wallpaper and yellow appliances.

Anthropologie has a delicious selection of knobs.

One of my favourites was this owl knob. Wouldn't it look fantastic in a nursery?

These were shower curtains, about $120 each. Uhmm, totally could make that.
Or you could use this idea for drapes in a girl's room.

We loved these dishes, the poetry didn't make sense, but was a fabulous idea. My daughter is taking ceramics, maybe I can convince her to make me something like this?

Carol resisted buying something while I couldn't, these came home with me:

A pretty turquoise knob for my daughter's room to add a bit of bling to her desk.

Being a caffeine addict, I love a great coffee cup. Coffee tastes better in a fabulous mug, no?

The rain is back, a great excuse to finish my never-ending sewing pile.

One project is finished though, which comes with a long overdue tutorial. 
A store bought drapery panel makeover!

If I can get a decent photo of the whole project with all this grey weather, I will have it up tomorrow!

What is the weather like where you are? Dreary as it is in Vancouver?

XO Barbara


  1. HA! That's exactly what I say when i'm there! Actually, when i'm anywhere :) wish I was closer to you and Carol, sounds like it was a fun day :) and yeah, you get left out on the shopping front but you get the mountains.. I'd trade you any day of the week - x

  2. Friends for life baby!! What a great time I had. I am still thinking of all the things I want to go back for. You know that neither one of us thought to take photos of that amazing lunch. I'm still dreaming of that as well. Looking forward to our next date xo

  3. Try living in Saskatoon, the shopping here is horrendous! Thank God for online shopping, especially Anthro. We were actually in Vancouver the weekend before the new store opened and my Mom was walking by and peeking in the window (I had already bailed due to shopping overload). The employees offered her a tour. She said it looked fabulous!

  4. We don't have an Anthro anywhere near us.

    Looking forward to seeing how your project turned out.

  5. I hear the art installations in the store are amazing! I'm so glad you have one!

  6. Anthro is fantastic for inspiration, isn't it? They're always just a bit ahead of the curve, using interesting materials in a new way.

    I love a pretty cup too. And you can't go to Anthro without taking home a pretty knob or two!

  7. Yup, just as dreary over here on the Island... oh well. I loved the little tour and OMG on the $120 shower curtain!!

  8. What did you buy .....c'mon, I know you bought something!!!

  9. So excited you finally got an Anthro store in Vancouver. I guess I take it for granted that I have 2 within a 15 minute radius here in Seattle. I know exactly how you're feeling about the weather, too! So tired of the cold and rain! I'm dying for some warmth and sunny days!

  10. Oh how I wish Ottawa could attract some of the cool stores that Vancouver, Montreal & Toronto get! Lucky you! Enjoy!

  11. Love the pretty coffee cup! Now THAT you could not make yourself, so it is an extra good buy :) Love going to Anthro for ideas and inspiration - would love to see some DIY copies!

  12. Seriously you guys could do everything there!.
    Wish you could make the drive out to the Old School Market this weekend!
    Have a great time DIYing!

  13. Oh, sounds like sooo much fun!! As you probably guessed, I haven't had time to make it down there yet!! But I soon will, thank you for the sneak peek :) Hugs,
    Nancy xo

  14. Sounds like a great day you had. I'm feeling left out of the shopping!!! We really do need to get together for coffee with Carol. We tried way back a few months ago, but our schedules don't seem to match up. The only down side to getting my business up, I really have to work a lot and be a MOM.

  15. It was sunny here, but the rain is back. There is an Anthro is Toronto, but I've never been! I really need to go...

  16. Please where did you get the coffee mugs I do not see them on the anthropologie website. Are they still available at the location you got them from? I must have that mug! :)
    please e-mail me?


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