Friday Musings

I am a bad blogger.

I didn't take an overall "after" photo of my re-vamped store bought drapery panels like I said I would.
I do have a sneak peek though...

{This was taken when only one side was finished}

This weekend I will get my daughter to tidy her room {always looks like bomb went off} so I can photograph the drapes. A tutorial will accompany the said photos as well


Yesterday I was thrilled to open my mailbox to find my the latest issue of Elle Decor! After getting an awesome deal on the subscription, $14 for the year, a steal in Canada, I couldn't resist.

Loved the issue.
Some of the interiors are a bit too frou for for me but the home of Keri Russell was just up my alley!

 I adore Keri Russell.

This is strange, but I feel like I "know" her because she looks just like my sister, especially when she played Felicity, her hair, her mannerisms, her facial structure - just like my sister.

Keri's home is
simple, clean and classic.

How fantastic is the light fixture?

Love the calmness this room evokes.

The issue also highlighted Vancouver, which was a fun read.
They mentioned Vij's as a fantastic must-visit restaurant.
Vij's is where Carol and I went for lunch when we hit Anthropologie on Wednesday!

 If you love Indian cuisine, this restaurant is for you. The food was suberb, the decor sublime and the company - fantastic!

{Check out the light fixture - the DIY version has been circulating around the net}

Another mention in the Vancouver article was The Keefer, a boutique hotel that wrote about here.
Many a movie star has stayed at The Keefer.

I have always wanted to stay at The Keefer but with rates starting at $700 per night, I might just dream about it instead.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Make sure you come back Sunday to read my latest  "So Canadian, eh?"interview.

XO Barbara


  1. It can be so tricky to do blog photos. I don't really "stage" because I love blogs for their slice of reality, but I do wait for a bright sunny day and that can take FOREVER! It is grey and dreary as I type. Sigh. Can't wait to see photo of the drapes!!

  2. Can't wait for the reveal and the tutorial. I've wanted to replace my kitchen panels forever and need some inspiration.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. I think Kerri Russel realy looks like your sister! I have always thought that.

    Can't wait to see the photos.

    Jodi (The simply inspired home)

  4. Looking forward to your tutorial and the photos of your daughters room! Keri Russell's home looks beautiful - so livable and simple. Happy Weekend Barbara!

  5. Love your sister's, I mean Keri's home! And when I lived in Vancouver we used to frequent Vij's alot. Look forward to seeing your daughter's room.

  6. Kerri's home is incredible! And so are those drapes! Well done!

  7. I'm so excited to see those drapes! They're going to be fantastic. Will pop back on sunday too. :)

  8. How funny is that? Maybe we should have our blogger lunch at Vij's??!! Can't wait to see those drapes. Have fun in NV today. I seriously think you should take 1/2 hour to hit the thrift stores. If you do, call me and I'll meet you. xo

  9. Can't wait to see the end result of the curtains! A possible Tuesday tutorial again...have a great weekend!

  10. Beautiful! I can't wait to see more of the drapes :) And yes, that home is quite stunning isn't it?? I love elle decor!
    Nancy xo

  11. Hi;) Thank you for your lovely comment;)
    I used normal wall paint in grey and a creamy white.
    I sandet the rug because after all the paint it was a little rough.
    But now it is nice and smooth...

    Lovely greetings

  12. Love the drapes!
    THANKS YOU for dropping by The Old School Market!
    So fun to meet you and hope you day goes well today as you Run For Water!


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