I *Heart* Chiang Mai Dragon

May 17, 2011

I am in love with the Chiang Mai Dragon print from Schumacher. I'll take it in any colour. The colours and patterns are so rich and luxurious.

I don't care it is everywhere.

 I *heart* it.

When I went shopping with two blog buddies to a fabric wholesaler, I was thrilled when Karla, managed to snag me not only one but TWO samples! If you recall, there were grommets in the fabric. I guess they thought that would deter anyone from making anything with it. They didn't know who they were dealing with when they gave it to me. 

A grommet? I can deal with that.

Scissors were involved...

After a little snipping, patchwork and sumptuous trim, one pillow is finished.

I even sewed an invisible zipper 
{Please, hold the applause}

This fabulous pillow cost this frugal gal very little. 

While Chiang Mai Dragon can run about $250/yard {you heard me right}, this piece cost me

I bought a yard of linen to match for $15/yd {only used half a yard = $7.50}}

Invisible zipper: $1.50 

Navy velvet ribbon: $4.00

Ikea pillow insert: $6.00

Total cost: $19.00

Hubby will like that :)

Here is a peek at another pillow I slaved worked on:

Xo Barbara

The Shabby Nest
Finding Fabulous


  1. Gorgeous. Nice job. I often use fabric samples, but I am not talented enough to sew it myself. I think Sarah Richardson used that fabric in a mans bedroom on their show Sarah 101. Love how you piped it and worked around the grommet.

  2. you're one creative lady Barbara! love it!

  3. I love it! It is gorgeous and the border around it looks beautiful. You are so talented.

  4. That is BEAUTIFUL! I love the custom look! So so talented...Do I smell a tutorial??

  5. Love it! I wish I had your sewing skills!

  6. Amazing! Love the fabric, love the pillow.

  7. The pillow turned out beautifully. I like the fabric, and although I would NEVER pay the usual price for it, I love how you swung a freebie deal and made something amazing from it.

  8. Nice job Barb! You are a talented lady:) Love that highlighted the fabric by pairing it with white and beautiful trim.

  9. Really nice Barbara! And I couldn't hold my applause on the invisible zipper either - that's awesome too! Sewing and I agree to disagree, we co-exist if we have to, but I run the other way if I can... I'm just not very good at it, so your pillow AND invisible zipper awe me! :-)

  10. Love the navy and white border around it - what a great way to differentiate it from others who have used it. It looks amazing.

  11. Love the navy and white border around it - what a great way to differentiate it from others who have used it. It looks amazing.

  12. Love the fabric! Wish I could do an invisible zipper like that. Thanks for your sweet comment about my union jack dresser.

  13. I love the rich color. Great sewing! Great deal!

  14. Love how you made the fabric work for you!

  15. Gotta love a pillow for $19!!! You also rocked the the velvet ribbon.

  16. You are such a talented Crafter and Seamstress!

    Love it!


    The Simply Inspired Home

  17. Wowza! That pillow looks amazing!!! I need to work on my sewing skills!

  18. Nice job! And grommet? Bah! No problem! It looks great and kudos on a lovely invisible zipper xo

  19. Wowzers...well done- your pillow looks GORGEOUS!! I heart Chaing Mai in Alabaster!!

  20. Holy smokes! That is stunning. I love the way you worked around the grommet and gave the pillow character at the same time. I can only imagine what you'd pay for a similar pillow in a high end boutique. Standing "O" for you Barbara!

  21. Now that's resourcefulness! That's a spectacular fabric and I love what you did with it!

  22. Gorgeous!! I love how you created a "frame" for the printed fabric. This pillow looks so profesisonal and also so expensive. Well done.

  23. OMG you never ever fail to knock my socks off Barbara! I love the details you thought up to use this fab piece of fabric, I never would have thought of that!! LOVE!
    Nancy xo

  24. I am so totally impressed. First, with the whole frugality of it all, then the fact that you sewed it yourself, and finally because it just looks awesome.

  25. OOoooo! Ahhhhh! It's gorgeous and I am so impressed how you worked around that grommet!

  26. I am so late, but I managed to get two of them as well. One I gave as a giveaway and the other will be made into a....

    gotta wait for it.

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting


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