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I have been drawn to this designer as she seems to be following in the footsteps of so many, finding her true calling in design later in life. A path that I too have been following, being passionate about design throughout my life but not truly embracing it until later. {When I say later in life, I don't mean that we are by any means old, old is just a mindset, but we are reaching a point in our life when we know who we are and are confident in how want our next chapter to read.}

This week I am so proud to have Lisa Goulet visiting from Lisa Goulet Design.

She is an aspiring designer who is carving out her niche in the local design scene of our nation's capital, Ottawa.

This woman has got some serious talent and DIY skills.

Just this week she single-handedly stencilled her hallway! How are the biceps feeling Lisa?

Doesn't it look amazing?

Check out this fantastic kitchen reno Lisa oversaw.

Her fabulous backyard - when's the pool party?
I'll bring sangria :)

 Lisa Goulet Design

Tell us a bit about yourself? What is you background? Your education? Did you study art/design? Have you always wanted to be a interior designer?

My background is quite varied.  I originally took legal administration in school and worked in a number of law firms.  When I had my first son, I stayed home with him and then we had three more children, so going back to work at that time was out of the question.   Once the kids had grown a little, I went back to work and kind of fell into a job as a conference coordinator.  I am a very organized person so it was a good fit for me.   Interior design was always a calling for me and I decided to go back to school and finally do what I have always wanted.  So I am now a certified interior decorator, which just goes to show that you are never too old.....

What made you decide to start blogging?

Two years ago, I didn’t really know what a blog, so it’s quite funny that I am now blogging.  My children think it is hilarious that I’m blogging and tweeting.....  I have to credit Donna Hargrove ( and Kelly James ( who inspired me with their blogs and encouraged me to start one. 
I love to talk design and so it gives me that creative outlet to talk design and decor with others that share my interest.

 What have you enjoyed about blogging and what has surprised you along the way?

I have been absolutely fabulously surprised by the wonderful people I have met through blogging.  I am proud to say that a number of fellow bloggers have become friends.  This has to be the most enjoyable part of blogging, along with getting comments!

Do you find having a blog has helped your design business, Lisa Goulet Design?

I really feel that reading blogs helps to keep you current in our industry and gives you loads of inspiration, without even having to leave your computer.  As far as my own blog, I think it helps to get what you do out there and clients can visit and  get a feel for how you design and who you are.

Any tips for aspiring designers?

Well, since I still feel like I’m an inspiring designer, I would just say trust your instincts and try to make a niche for yourself.  I am still working on that myself.

What do you like to do in your free time {that is if you have any}?

My husband and I share a passion for traveling, so I’d have to say that that is where most of our spare time goes.  We also spend a great deal of time at our cottage in the summer.   I love to read and I have quite a stack of design magazines as well as quite a few books that I’m hoping to get to when I’m at the cottage this summer. 

Where do you go for inspiration for your blog, for your design work?

The inspiration for my blog as well as my design work comes from absolutely everywhere, and especially from the places I’ve travelled.  Seeing how others live and design in their countries is so interesting to me.  Sometimes I am overwhelmed by all the inspiration I feel and I have lain awake with tons of ideas running through my head.  I usually have about 10-12 blog post drafts going at one time so that I can remember some of these inspirations.

Is there any one accomplishment that you are proud of?

It sounds corny but my proudest accomplishments are definitely my four children.  They have grown into people that I’m so in awe of.  I couldn’t be more proud of them.

As far as design goes, my proudest accomplishment would be our cottage.  My husband and I took an uninhabitable shack and totally transformed it into a cute and comfortable cottage.  And we did this with very little money or paid labour.

How would you describe your design style?

My design style is classic, clean and elegant.  I definitely like an eclectic mix of furniture styles but I like to have a starting point, which usually is a client’s existing piece (that they love) to feature their personal style.  I am a practical person so it helps fulfill that part of my sensibility.

If you were given the opportunity to meet anyone or do anything, what would it be and why?

I would love to meet Barbara Barry.  I love her furnishings and design sense, and that would be a great thrill for me.  As far as doing anything, I would love to travel the world from end to end.  That would give me an endless source of inspiration.

 As a mother of  4 children how do you manage to balance life and blogging?

Life can get very busy, especially with four children.  Now that they are older I definitely have more free time.  It’s a real treat to be able to work from home, so that when needed, my schedule can be adjusted. Blogging takes a great deal of time and I tend to do it at night, while watching television, so usually I have no idea what we are watching... ;)

What are your views on the role Canadian design plays in the world design scene? Do you feel that Canadians have a unique sense of style and design, and if so, what is it that you think sets us apart?

Canadian design is coming along, we aren’t out there as much as I and probably most of us, would like, but I think we are being seen on the international stage more and more, and hopefully this will continue.

As far as our own Canadian design style, I think, we embrace the four seasons that we are blessed with, and because of that, most of us change up our decors to match the seasons.   This also keeps us in tune with nature and inspires us to use natural elements and products in our own interiors. 
Since we are typically open minded individuals, we welcome international esthetics and designs from different countries into our homes.  This helps to give us our unique sense of style and I think, sets us apart.

Thanks so much Barbara for including me in your Canadian, eh! feature.  I am thrilled and very honoured to be participating with all these fabulous Canadians in design.

Thanks Lisa for giving us a bit of insight into your life! I am looking forward to seeing you work your magic!

To follow Lisa as she shares her design projects, please stop by her blog: Lisa Goulet Design

XO Barbara


  1. Love the stenciled wall. I'm going to get the nerve to try one day and great interview. Always great to get to know other bloggers.

    Chic Modern Vintage

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    Thank you for featuring her.

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    Hope you're having a great weekend!
    xo, Vanessa Elizabeth

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  11. Thanks for having me Barbara and making me look great! Thank you everyone for the lovely comments.

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