Creating a Beautiful Rental Home: Tip 1 ~

I love to read decor magazines and blogs. They are so full of inspiring ideas yet there are times I feel a pang of envy. We don't own our current home and are renting until we find the right home for our budget. We have moved 5 times, twice across the continent from one coast to another and between countries. We have rented more homes than we have owned due to our moving every few years. 

Over the years I have learned that even though I can't knock out walls, renovate a kitchen, tear our carpet I can still create a beautiful home within the constraints of renting. I must admit that I can't wait until I can tear up, knock down and redo a house to my liking. In the meantime I am trying to be content with our lot in life and do the best I can. Sometimes being restricted in what you can do to a home can really bring out the creativity. Over the years I have learned a thing or two and would like to share my ideas. (I wish my photos of past homes were digital, I could then show you what I have done in past homes)

I have decided to create a mini-series of some do's and don'ts in creating a design saavy home while renting. Stay tuned over the next week as I share what I have learned over the years.

TIP #1
Don't hesitate in painting the walls. Just because you are renting doesn't mean you can't invest a little. Paint doesn't cost a lot and you get great results. Don't forget it is the home you live in, even though it is temporary you need to make it your own. But make sure you have the OK from the landlords (or you can paint the colours to your liking and then paint back before you move) Another idea is if the walls are white you can add punches of colour in your accessories, art work and drapery. I will be discussing those topics in the next few posts. Stay tuned!

Before -  ugly paint colour and light fixture in the living/dining room....


Family room in all it's peachy glory...

...after with a fresh coat of paint.

Master bedroom - more peach....

...after with a lovely shade of grey-blue.

Don't be afraid to roll up those sleeves, grab a can of paint in a colour you love and create a room you will enjoy to be in.

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  2. Vancouver, eh? You're my neighbour. I'm in Chilliwack. :)


  3. What a wonderful job!

  4. It all looks so beautiful and inviting. And you're so right, a rental home is still your home and it needs to feel right in order for you to be happy in it. My husband used to argue with me when we were first married and we rented because I wanted to paint and do whatever I could to make it my own. Once the changes were made, however, I could tell that even he felt it.
    Enjoy the lovely spaces you have created.

  5. Very pretty! Really fantastic transformations. Your home is very inviting.
    Thanks for sharing your great tips!

  6. I love love love what you did in the family room. The colors are gorgeous!

    -stopping by from the power of paint party! :D

  7. I love of the paint colors you used. Perfect examples of what paint can do. Thanks for linkin' up for my 1st Power of Paint Party!

  8. What a beautiful transformation! You've done a really fantastic job at turning a rental into a home.


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