~Christmas Around The House~

Let the festivities begin!

The decorations are finally up -  red and silver with a little bit of homemade sprinkled in.

free foliage from the yard + Nutcrackers + faux berry garland = holiday ready mantle

A little homemade love...

bling and a wreath on the light fixture....

 Czech nativity...

oh-yes that is a bicycle in the photo - like I said here - my hubby adds his touches around the house.

Joyeux Noel!

My home is going to visit:


  1. You've done a beautiful job! I love the way you decorated the mantel and that little bit of homemade love is too cute :)


  2. Gorgeous....I gotta ask, is that lamp withe the colored ornaments in glass...part of the lamp?

    Mine's shared now.

  3. The lamp is a simple glass lamp with no bottom. Easy to place ornaments and such when you want!

  4. I love your lamp with the ornaments in it! I've always wanted one like that. Thank you for the sweet comment. Yes I use an SLR, it's the Canon Rebel XT. I love it! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  5. Very pretty!! I am saying hi from the South Okanagan. We lived in Vancouver before moving up here fifteen years ago.
    I see we both have snow!!!
    Have a Very Merry Christmas!!

  6. That nativity is gorgeous! Everything else too! Thanks for sharing!


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