Coffee and a New Magazine in the Mail!

I am a self-professed magazine junkie.

I love magazines of the home decor type. I am sure I have sympathizers out there, or am I the only one that stands at the checkout eyeing the latest while trying really hard to resist buying another? The same now goes for blogs. There are so many amazing blogs out there, ordinary (yet very talented) women to professional designers blogging about their latest projects and trends. 

I finally had some time early this morning after the rest of the family hopped into the car to go skiing. I declared I needed to catch up on Christmas baking (but secretly I wanted some quiet time to read the latest issue of my favourite magazine that came in the mail 2 days ago) 

Let me introduce you to Canadian House and Home.

I drooled this morning, being careful not to drool into my cup of java, while pouring over the newest issue. So many amazing trends and ideas that many of you talented bloggers are using in your homes. A sneak peek at what's inside:

A DIY chair makeover - Canadian House and Home magazine: Jan 2010

This magazine has been my inspiration for years. It was my bit of Canadiana that came in the mail while I lived in the US. I looked forward to the bit of "home" that came monthly. My wonderful mother-in-law (she reads my blog) gives each child (that includes us wonderful in-laws) a magazine subscription of choice for our birthdays. This one is mine! Now I get a present every month - one that gets the creative juices flowing and the idea file growing!


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out, Barbara! So glad you enjoyed the January issue. You can instructions for that DIY chair makeover here if you click "Design" at All the best! Lisa Murphy

  2. That is one of my favourite Cdn mags! Second only to Style at Home. Lovely blog you have here! I'm always trying to resist the magazines on disply at the checkouts. Sometimes it works, but most of the time, I cave, lol.


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