Fun for the Walls

January 31, 2013

As a renter, you don't want to go to the expense of wallpaper. So I always love a stylish solution to zhushing up the walls! I have blogged about removable wallpaper here, but another favourite are wall decals.

One of my favourite companies that create chic and stylish wall decals is Urban Walls. I have mentioned them before as they generously provided my daughter a chalk decal for her dorm. A local blogger and friend, Danielle, is the genius behind Urban Walls, and she has added more fabulousness to her line of goods. My recent favourite is the dot collection. What a fun addition to a room!

They come in a smattering of colours, but my favourite would be the black dots. Shocking I know, me choosing black?

And she has also designed other designs for your wall, plus signs and triangles, to give your walls a crisp modern edge. If you check out her Facebook page, she shows how other's have used her designs in their homes.

 Check out how Kirsten from Simply Grove used the triangles on her wall.

Now I am dying to use those dots somewhere in my house......hmmm...not sure.

XO Barbara


  1. Love the dots!!!!! Need to figure out how to use these in my space!! xo

  2. Are those gold dots?? I can t really tell!! I d use them on a wall in my daughters room!!

  3. I love the dots, and I love Danielle's decals in general! The sky is the limit with Urban Walls!!! :-)

  4. I love the triangles! Such a different take! They would be great in a teen's room.. a bit edgy.

  5. This could be really fun. I need to think how I can use them.

  6. I have totally wanted to get some of these decals and play around!!!

  7. I love those gold dots.. looking into that now for a childrens room makeover.. Good timing Barb! Have a great weekend!! stay warm.
    xo Nancy

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  9. Love the dots and the triangles too. So fun.

  10. Awww! Thank you so much Barbara!! so sweet of you to post about us :) xo


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