So Canadian eh Hiccup....


Wondering where my fabulous Canadian is this week? Well I got so carried away with summer, back to school, switching rooms, AND planning our second annual blogging event {I have been busy chatting details with the PR Manager from Ikea Canada, our sponsor of the event again!} that I did not get someone lined up this week! I am such a slacker. So much on my mind that the blog has taken the backseat......sorry to disappoint all my loyal and fantastic followers. I heart you all.

But have no fear, I have some amazing bloggers/artists/designers coming your way.

Come back next week. I have been busy on several projects!

XO Barbara

PS. If you are a Canadian, write a design/lifestyle blog or dabbe in design or art AND you want to be featured on my So Canadian eh? series,  drop me an email.



  1. Looks like you are very busy Barbara - take care and have fun!

  2. No worries Barbara! Take care of yourself and enjoy the first week back at school ;) xo

  3. You are so busy, so don't worry about us, we'll still be here! Have a great weekend.

  4. You're allowed to "slack off" every now and then ;) How could anyone be upset with you? Have a good weekend.

  5. Heart you even more!

    Can't you get Seattle involved and Portland?! The great Northwest! I would be happy to help! (:

    All kids back in school - full time! I have a new life, Barbara!!!

    Hugs to you and happy weekend.


  6. Whatever you have to bring our way is always worth waiting for!!!

  7. Family comes first! No worries at all! You do an amazing job with your series, so I think a break here and there is more than deserved for you! Have a wonderful weekend! Angie xo

  8. Such a Crazy time for everyone, never need to apologoze! Looking so forward to the bloggers event and so appreciative of all the time you and the organizers have been putting in. Can't wait to meet you and say "thanks!" in person:)


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