Another Fabulous Rast Hack

I are all wondering, I thought she said she was going to post less? Yes, you are right but I am up at 5 AM, my son had early hockey practice and I have a hour to relax and enjoy my coffee. Why not write up a post? Can't stay away.

 As many of you know, I love a good Rast hack. I had this amazing Rast hack land in my inbox this week sent by a reader, who is also Canadian, eh?

Inspired by a Rast hack that I had featured on my blog, Michelle from La Vie En Fuschia, {my rough French translation is "The Life in Fuschia"} created a Union Jack inspired Rast hack for her nursery. 

I hope she shows us photos of her finished nursery soon - it is looking amazing.

If you want to know the steps she took to create this masterpiece, head over to her blog.

I love when readers send me photos of things that have been created after seeing inspiration on my blog. So if you have been inspired by anything you saw on my blog, feel free to send it my way. I would love to feature it!

XO Barbara


  1. This is awesome. Love the mix of stain and the union jack!!

  2. OK, that is brilliant. many good RAST ideas, I may have to get another. ;)

  3. What a great transformation. My British brother in law would love this.

  4. Awesome, she did a great job on it!!

  5. Love it! I am planning a few rast hack for my new house! So excited!

  6. Nice! I love this rast hack in a nursery - such a great idea! An hour to spare must have felt like heaven to you right about now... But up at 5am - ouch!

  7. That was so sweet of her to share, she did a great job. What a nice compliment to you too.


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