How to Sew a Pillow with an Invisible Zipper

Inside: You will find detailed instructions on how to sew a pillow with an invisible zipper.

Once you have made one, you will realize how easy it really is, except if you add cording. Adding cording will add a bit more work, maybe another time I can show you how.

But today it's all about the invisible zipper. 

Adding one just gives your pillow that professionally made look. Your friends will come over and ask,"Where did you get that pillow?" {thinking you bought it at some high end store] and you can just shrug your shoulders and casually say, "I made it."

You will be the envy of all.....

Materials Needed:

Fabric {upholstery weight, heavy cotton is best}
Invisible zipper {either the same length as your pillow or longer, you can always cut it}
Pillow insert
Zipper foot attachment {this is important to have so you can sew a straight seam close to the zipper teeth}


1. Measure your pillow and add 1" to the width and length of your pillow. Cut out two squares {rectangles} using that measurement.

2. Unzip your invisible zipper.

3. Pin one side of the side {face down} along the bottom edge of one of the pillow pieces. You want to start pinning it about 2 inches from the edge.

{Why the  bottom edge? Because if your pattern has direction, then you don't want your zipper on top, but on the bottom of your pillow}

The other end, also about two inches from the end. You will sew your seam at the end, up to where the mark is on the zipper.

4. Baste the zipper. I wouldn't skip this step as it is hard to sew over the pins with a zipper foot. Basting ensures that the zipper will stay in place.

5. Use a zipper foot to sew on your zipper. This is what one looks like.

6. Sew along as close to the edge of the teeth of the zipper. When finished zip up the zipper in order to pin to the second piece of fabric.

7. Lay the second pillow piece on the first piece, right sides together, lining up edges.

8. With all the edges lined up, and without shifting the top piece of fabric, start pinning the other side of the zipper to the top piece of fabric.

9. Once you have pinned in a few pins, start unzipping the zipper to make it easier to pin it to the second edge.

10. Baste and sew the zipper close to the edge of the teeth of the zipper.

11. Zip up the zipper. You will notice that the zipper makes one "seam". Pin all the other edges and sew all around starting 2 inches in from the bottom edge to the other side.  Stitch close to the zipper seam but just below it being careful not to sew over your zipper. See photos.

12. Clip corners. This will help with crisp corners once this pillow is turned right side out. Zig zag the edges to prevent fraying.

13. Turn right side out {unzip zipper to do so} press with an iron and insert pillow!

There you have it, sewing a pillow with an invisible zipper.

You did it! Pat yourself on the back.

 It might sound tricky at first, but once you try it, the next pillow will be much easier! 


  1. You are the best Barbara! Thank you so much for this. I can't wait to try making some. I dont think my new machine came with a foot attachment. Hmm, gotta check.

  2. Looks Fabulous Barbara. I think it's great you want to spend hours and hours doing this for yourself! Me- I spend hours on Etsy and order them.

    Well done!

  3. Great post Barbara! My pillows with zippers & piping are in progress so it's nice to read your tips and see how you do it. Enjoy the weekend!

  4. I've yet to try my zipper foot, you make it look so easy. For me, sending my fabric to my sister who is a fantastic seamstress is soooo much easier. LOL!

  5. Great tutorial!

    I always lure my mom into sewing me pillows and she, like you, does a fantastic invisible zipper. But with this how-to, I no longer have an excuse for avoiding this task. Shucks.

  6. Incredibly cute pillow! I never thought it will be that easy! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Easy peasy! Great tutorial and your pillow looks fab!
    No big plans this weekend - it's Eid here in Dubai so everyone will be out eating and shopping after their month of Ramadan fasting - the malls will be crazy! I think I'll continue with the last bit of unpacking from our shipment and relax (plus, no long weekend here). Have a great long weekend!

  8. Barbara... this makes me feel like I could do this! I will be trying with my next pillow! Love it!


  9. I'm in LOVE with that fabric!! Looks fantabulous, Barbara!

  10. Gosh! You've been sewing up a storm. Good work, girl. So talented.

  11. and there it is in all it's chiang mai beauty! I'll never tire of that fabric... thanks for the tutorial, I still whipstich my pillows closed at the bottom - time for an upgrade!

  12. Thanks for the detailed instructions! I am teaching myself how to sew again after 30+ years! I thought you might like to know that I pinned your blog post. You also might like to know about a vintage fabric giveaway I'm hosting on my blog:


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