A Golden Addition

September 23, 2011

I finally convinced my daughter to let me add a gold mirror above her bed. 

A few days ago I decided to gold leaf a thrift store mirror I had laying around.

It's hard to take photos when it is pouring cats and dogs outside. Still need to figure out how to switch lenses. 
Baby steps.

XO Barbara


  1. What a pretty mirror! I never have luck finding such nice ones while thrifting. :)

  2. Looks great - I love the combo of chocolate brown and gold!
    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  3. Gold leaf always looks so elegant on intricately designed mirrors and frames. Perfect.

  4. The weather never cooperates with my photo-taking either.

    LOVE the mirror - the gold looks sharp against the crisp stripes.

  5. So funny. I just painted a gold mirror black. Soooo, when are we getting the full reveal of this room?

  6. I love it! It looks so beautiful and that headboard! Wow!

  7. OMG the mirror looks amazing. I love the fine details of it. You gold-leaf'ed that?? Well DONE!!

    Nancy xo

  8. Good Job...amazing little bit of grown up style!
    Looks fabulous!

  9. Nice to meet you, Beatrice. Lovely interview, and your headboards are gorgeous! I'll be heading over to see your blog...


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