IDS West Preview Night

On Tuesday night I had the privilege of attending the IDS West Media Preview night. I went with Rosa from flutter flutter, she was perfect company, loved getting to know another amazing blogger with such fantastic talent! But I am a bad blogger and forgot my camera, so I am borrowing Rosa's photos she kindly emailed me!

The highlight was the L41 Ultra compact 275 sq ft  modular home designed by architect Michael Katz and design Janet Corne.

Everything in this kitchen was compact and streamlined. 

 The washing machine is also a dryer!

Despite the small size the whole house felt light and airy. There were windows on all sides that helped bring the outside in and visually expand the space. Despite the flat cabinetry, it was designed to be streamlined with a gloss finish that helped bounce light that was abound in the space to create a sense of space.

Also featured were these gorgeous Etch Brass pendants by Tom Dixon. Notice the chairs in the previous photo? They are the Peg Chair Fluoro chair also by Tom Dixon. You must check out their site, all their pieces are so sculptural. Their lighting collection is my absolute favourite.

These fabulous Geodisc ceramic bowls by Sarah Peloquin Ladany were stunning. I loved the juxtaposition of the shapes, the round mixed with triangles to create a functional piece that would be fabulous in any decor.

Another one-of-a-kind piece was this whimsical hollow chair by local artisan and furniture designer, Judson Beaumont from Straight Line Designs.

Would be fabulous if you are tight on space, look at all the storage underneath. I can see a stash of decor magazines piled up!

To finish off a splendid evening Rosa and I enjoyed a glass of wine and some delicious freshly made tacos by TacoFino

 Now we are looking forward to the IDS West show that will be held in Vancouver from September 29 to October 2!

XO Barbara


  1. Looks like fun! I like how the preview was held outdoors. Perfect way to spend a summer night.

  2. It does look like fun. Wow, they were brave to plan an outdoor event in Vancouver!!!

  3. Thank you for this Barbara! It's a great intro for what's to come... and a washing machine that's a dryer too? What will they think of next!

  4. What a wonderful event, that house looks amazing. I've been obsessed with Tom Dixon for a while, love his design aesthetic.

  5. Looks like a fabulous evening - what an awesome preview! That tiny little compact house is so lovely! :) (and you ladies look gorgeous in that first photo!)

  6. I would like to have seent the little house... would it make a good lake-gettaway? Loved the "backsplash" windows!!

  7. It looks like you two had a great time! I can't wait to see the Judson Beaumont chair in person! :)


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