Friday Musings

With the school year winding down {only 3 more days!}, our family is getting excited for summer! Actually, summer here on the "wet" coast feels more like fall. The sun makes a rare appearance every few days and the air is chilly. Coldest spring on record. They say, the lovely weather forecasters, that we are going to have a dry warm summer, hmm...wonder when that is going to happen?

But I managed to pick these from the garden:

{I am also having fun practicing with our SLR, with the power of You Tube, I finally am out of auto mode!}

On Tuesday night, when I came home from the IDS West Preview evening, I found a package waiting for me!
A package in the mail, with Canada Post on strike?
 Lucky for me, this company used a courier service.

Just what this fabricaholic needs, a fabric fix. You'll have to come back and see what I make with these gorgeous fabrics.

Also a big thank-you to two wonderful Canadian bloggers who featured me on their blogs today!

Thanks to Kerry from First Time Fancy.

I guess she wasn't scared away by my Roman blind tutorial.

And another big thanks to Lisa from Weird and Wicked, for featuring my blog along with some other amazing superstar Canadian blogs, which, I am so honoured to be featured on the same page as them!

Tomorrow I am heading to South Surrey, two local bloggers have organized a fantastic market, Ivory Vintage Market featuring some amazing vendors!

Hoping I can find something unique for our house.

Fri AM Update: Our hot water tank decided to spring a huge leak. What we thought was a faulty valve a week ago was actually a huge crack in the bottom, didn't notice until last night when I asked, "Why does it sound like a waterfall running in the house?" Yup, water gushing out. Lucky for us the crack was at the bottom and there is an overflow pipe that leads to the outside. No water damage!

So my projects scheduled for today are on hold. Our lovely handyman is here replacing the tank.

Dishes have piled up. Hair needs to be shampooed and laundry washed. That about sums up my Friday afternoon.

What are you up to this weekend?

XO Barbara


  1. The peony is beautiful..may the sun shine on your weekend
    Helen Tilston

  2. LOVE your peonies, I'm very jealous! I cannot wait to have a garden.

  3. Beautiful pic Barbara! Courier companies must be making a killing right now!! Yay for fabric!

  4. I saw your roman blind on first time fancy this morning! Thanks for mentioning the market... See u tomorrow!! :)
    Michelle... Xoxo

  5. haha thanks for the shout out Barbara! ;)

    Those peonies are gorgeous! I do hope the weather warms up for you on the west coast!

    Enjoy your weekend! xx

  6. peonies are the loveliest!
    ...and this canada post strike is killing me:P


  7. Your peonies photo is lovely... and so are the peonies!! Crazy about the fabrics you got... especially the ikat inspired spots!! I'm off to check out your features :-)

  8. Sounds like a wet time all around (weather, water heater). At least you've got some beautiful peonies to brighten up your day. Have a great weekend :)

  9. First, you must know that I am insanely jealous of anyone who has peonies in their yard. They don't grow well in the Bay Area...Second, the fabric is GORGEOUS, like all of the other fabrics you choose! And third, I hope you get your dose of sunshine soon. You most certainly will when to get to CA.

  10. Gotta love pretty fabric and gorgeous blooms. I love peonies and that is the perfect shade of pink.

    If any of your Canadian readers/fellow bloggers are looking for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, there is now a stockist in Canada. I put the links in my latest post. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  11. I'm so jealous that you bought a SLR.. I need to bite the bullet asap! And I finally got to pick some peonies today.. they seem so late! LOVE them:)


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