Golly Gee, I Won!

I am thinking a lottery ticket purchase is in order!

 I won two giveaways in the past two weeks. I won a colour/interior consult from my wonderful blogging friend, Anne-Marie at 10 Rooms.

Finally, someone to help me decide how to make my living/dining room sparkle! I am my worse enemy when it comes to deciding on colours, etc!

Sad, unedited photo, aren't all before photos supposed to look blah?


On Sunday I read that I won a cache of LePage products at Rambling Renovators!
Let the glueing begin!


I am finished Roman blind #2!

With a little help of course...that is what happens when you lay nice clean fabric down on floor!

I am working on the tutorial and hopefully will have it up Friday!

My daughters have one more day of school.
Yes! Two less lunches to make
{I am making quite "boring" lunches according to the youngest one.}

My son finishes the 29th and then he is off to high school in the fall. I will have all 3 children in high school for one year. I just hope the weather will warm up for us to enjoy summer. So far, not so good.

How is your week thus far?

XO Barbara


  1. Sooooooo tired with making lunches.....love "it's summertime, serve yourself" lunches!! :) we like to graze...
    And btw, thanks so much for having me on your Canadian blogger list...I get so many nice visitors!

  2. Congratulations on your awesome wins, how exciting! Love your pretty roman shade fabrics, too. Would love to see them hung! :)


  3. I'm also indecisive when it comes to my living room! Solution: "winter" and "summer" pillows/curtains.

    Your kids should make their OWN lunches! Me and my 3 siblings did starting in like 3rd grade!

  4. Oh, what a cute face! We have one very similar face at home too. Cute fabric and congratulations on winning the giveaways. Looks like some great stuff.

  5. Good morning Barbara,

    You attract goodness my friend! So, yes go and purchase that lottery ticket!

    A few more lunches for my 3 kids -and then we can all start sleeping in in the mornings! Yeah!!!

    Can't wait to see your next fabulous roman shade!



    P.S I am just a tad envious that you get to hang out with fab. Nancy... One of these days I am taking both of you out for lunch. Here or there!


  6. Oh Barbara you just NEED to play the lottery! With your amazing luck you'll be rich in a minute =D And I'd be tempted to take a nap on that pretty fabric too.

    xox Linda

  7. Lucky you...def. get a ticket, 649 is up there tonight, I think around 6 mil.

    At least your sweetie matches the fabric. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished roman.

  8. When you win the lottery you'll take me out to dinner, right?! Lucky Chickie!!! ;-)
    You promised romans on Friday. I'll be waiting! Ha!

  9. Congratulations! You are so lucky. My new fabric just arrived (by ups, not canada post, luckily), so I can't wait for the tutorial. Have a great day!

    GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!

  10. Congrat's Barbara!
    That's awesome!
    Our daughter is graduating from grade 8 as well then we will have three in highschool for one year as well.
    Hope your having a fabulous week!
    Shelly xo

  11. You are on a roll! I think the lotto ticket is a great idea! Loving the roman shade fabric.

  12. I'll have remember to rub up against you next time I see you so I can get some of that luck going. Congrats on the awesome wins!! Love that fabric and love that dog:) I didn't realize that high school finished earlier. Is it too late to plan a day before all of them are out???

  13. Your dog matches the fabric perfectly, so cute! Looking forward to seeing the roman blind hung, the colours are great.

  14. I'm sure you are counting down the days til summer! congrats on the winnings and for completing your blind - too cute - our dog used to do that anytime I laid out fabric on the floor too :)

  15. Saw that you won over at jennifer's - looking forward to seeing what we can cook up together! Thanks for the mention, Barbara! x

  16. I think your dog is giving you a message. He wants a walk?

    My dog takes over my exercise mat when I'm working out.

    Enjoy summer

  17. What a super cute puppy you have Barbara!! And you are one lucky gal, way to go!
    Nancy xo

  18. Lucky you! Can't wait to see how your living room shapes up now.

  19. Congrats Barbara! You have had quite the luck this year! Way to go.

    Can't wait to see what You and Anne-Marie Dream up for your room.

    The Simply Inspired Home

  20. Girl, get your booty to somewhere with lotto tickets for sure! You are on FIRE! (c: And yay for the 2nd roman shade! All that persistence is paying off (c:

  21. yeah for your wins..
    yeah for your puppy
    yeah for no lunches!
    yeah for summer soon!


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