{something I just whipped up}

 A few weeks back I helped my sister finally finish her duvet cover for her super king duvet. We made it out of two king flat sheets and added a insert of fabric to make it wider. She bought some gorgeous crisp cotton from Restoration Hardware at a local fabric store for the insert panel. I then stitched white satin ribbon along the seam of the insert to add some visual interest.

 But I was in such a hurry I didn't take any photos. Sad...I know.....I'll have to photograph her room when it's all put together.

But, I did take pictures of this.......

As a surprise I stitched up this monogrammed pillow for her bed. It was easy to put the pillow together, making an envelope enclosure that I added buttonholes and buttons to jazz up the back.

These buttons are special as my mom let me rifle through my grandma's sewing box and let me take a few of her antique buttons. She passed away in September and I though it would be special to use them for the pillow for my sister.

The hardest and most challenging part was the monogram. 

I have seen monogrammed pillows all over blogland and wanted to try it myself.

 How hard can it be?

Well.....it took me about an hour fiddling on the computer, searching the internet for help, to create a reverse image of the initial. 

Frustrating to say the least.

 Everyone makes it seem so easy, except I had no "reverse image" option in Word for my Mac. 

I will let you in on my secret-took-me-forever-discovery.....

You enlarge your letter and then save it as a JPEG file, which can be flipped! Easy, peasy.

Then print out the reversed image on transfer paper.

*I used Avery brand Iron-on T-shirt transfer paper for ink jet printers, purchased at Staples.

Iron it onto the pillow, following the directions.
 Easy? No....

This is where my project went wrong.

Here are a few tips I learned the hard way:
 Don't sew your whole pillow together and then iron on the letters, as you might end up doing this:

Yes, I scorched the pillow by holding down the iron for too long! Argh!
The iron needs to keep moving over the back of the paper, don't let it sit there or the heat will scorch your fabric.

I had to rip stitch apart the whole pillow, cut out another rectangle, re-print another letter and start over.

Lucky for me I had extra fabric. After ironing on the letter AND THEN sewing together the pillow, it is now happily sitting on my sister's bed!

XO Barbara


  1. These are georgeous..what kind of a transfer paper do you mean? I mean is it possible to just print and the take the iron and its finished?? thats really ease peasy ;)) //marie

  2. It's so pretty! I love the buttons. What a special touch.

  3. OMG, you just made my day. I have been looking for a great fabric store since I moved here. This place looks great. Maybe our next outing will be there! The pillow looks great. Doesn't everything always look easier than it ends up being?

  4. i love shared "oopsies".....i have thought of a million transfer pillows to make, but i have yet to get around to it. thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Marie,

    It is special iron on transfer paper that you can buy at an office supply store or craft store. I used Avery Iron-on T-shirt transfers. Just make sure you buy one that is compatible with your printer:)

  6. What a terrific project, Barbara! The addition of the special buttons is really priceless, though :-)

  7. Beautiful...I love your font and the buttons. It is awesome you were able to use something that was a bit sentimental!

  8. LOVE the monogram Barbara. What a pretty font. And I think it's so special that you used buttons that were you Grandmother's. What a good sister you are!

  9. Monograms and gorgeous sentimental buttons? What a lovely accent for your sisters room! "Just whipped up..." :) You are so talented Barbara, this would take me the better part of a day to do! Loving the inspiration as always,


  10. Love this! I think this is one I have to try for myself. Thanks for the tip about saving it as a jpeg file!

  11. So lovely, your efforts in figuring it all out were sooo worth it. And the buttons add such a special touch, well done!!
    Nancy xo

  12. Lovely Job Barbara! I love that you used the antique buttons!

  13. What a lovely pillow! And the special buttons make it so much more meaningful. :)

  14. So pretty - your pillow turned out wonderfully!

  15. stunning ... what a beautiful font!

    You're a wonderful sister ... she must love it.

  16. the pillow turned out so nice...love the buttons and sentiment behind them.
    it looks like you had fun on your little holiday too!

  17. This is really cute!! I love how simple & classy it is.

  18. I just discovered your blog, so have been catching up on back posts... Love this post! Thank you for sharing your discoveries. Finished product is gorgeous :-) Sheila


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