{so Canadian, eh?: Lindsay from Little House Blog}

Welcome to my first installment in my new series here at hodge:podge called:

My goal is to feature and highlight Canadian talent; designers, bloggers, artisans, easy sellers, to name a few.

My goal with this series is 
to explore what it is that makes us Canadians so unique.

Every week I hope to highlight and feature a talented Canadian, and hopefully it will become apparent 
that we are:

So without further adieu,
my first talented Canadian is.......

Lindsay from Aubrey & Lindsay's

Her blog: Aubrey and Lindsay's Little House Blog is such a delight to read, she fills us in on the renovation and design of her home, lets us see tidbits of her daily life as a mom to the ever so adorable Oscar and shares with us her DIY projects and her love of art. 

Her house is a dream. 

Some of my favourites are:

{She made these! Want them for my games room - hint-hint Lindsay!}

Not only is she a talent blogger with an eye for style but she runs a successful online stationary/art shop called Penny People Designs....

where she designs one-of-a-kind stationary and graphic art. I love her designs, they are so fresh, simple and clean. Her personalized alphabet art is where she has made her mark, being featured in various publications such as House Beautiful! 

Personalized Alphabet art 
{Bought one for my nieces for Christmas 2009!}
Love this calling card!

{Personalized bunting flag print}

I am flattered that she agreed to take part in my quest to feature talented Canadians.

1. Lindsay, do you have a background in art/design? Did you study art/design in university {if you went} or are you self taught?

To understand my life adoring design & creating art on the computer is best understood if you know that when I was five years old, my Father gave me a graphic tablet. That was 1984 when computers, let alone graphic tablets were not in every household. Growing up, I had parents that encouraged, and supported my love of creating. Other than taking some amazing art classes while in High School, I’m self taught. I majored in Cultural Studies at Trent University. 

2. What came first, your company Penny People Design or Little House Blog? What was your inspiriration behind Penny People? 

Penny People Designs started in 2004 after I resigned from a great company here in Toronto, Mastermind Toys, as their Head of E-Mail Marketing & Graphic Design. Although I loved the company and position, I was at a time in my life where I wanted to have more flexibility with my time, and explore other ways to create my art. Aubrey, my fiancée at the time, said he would financially support us once married, so I could take some time to figure my career out. Having the freedom to try anything, and a supportive partner saying he’s have my back, lead me to start Penny People. 

3. What inspired you to start Little House blog? Does Aubrey ever write any posts or is just you? 

We purchased our home three years after getting married, and I started to blog to document what we were doing as a way to show our family the daily progress. Since we had 1 month to do major demo and renos ourselves, the amount of work that happened in 1 day was crazy and we had lots to share.  However, the original blog (not online right now) was very much wordy and not thought through very well. I stopped it shortly after our main month of renovation.  Missing the creative outlet, I started Little House Blog as a beefed up version a year later. It is more polished version of our original.   I was able to mix all that I adored; writing, photography, graphic design, and interior design, to create a blog. I write 99.9% of the posts. But 99.9% of the posts wouldn’t happen without Aubrey so it’s a very balanced blog. ;) 

4. Is there anything you have found that surprised you, something you didn't expect while blogging/from blogging?

I’m sure everyone will say it, but the people that you meet. I guess when you put your life out there (somewhat edited of course) you feel as though you know people, so I feel like I know people who frequently comment on our blog. 

5. Now that you are a mom to the very cute {and handsome} Oscar, how do you balance motherhood, blogging and your business?

I still struggle sometimes. Before, I used to work 7 days a week for Penny People. Now, I am only open three. I may lose business because of it, but it’s better that I can handle the customers that I do have, instead of taking on too much and disappointing people. There had been some bumps since Oscar was born, but I’m slowly getting better. The days that Aubrey doesn’t work, I get some office time. I bought a laptop when Oscar was 5 months old as I was getting stressed that I couldn’t work and communicate with people. So now I blog and respond to personal emails while Oscar sleeps. 

6. What do you like to do in your downtime, that is if you even get any!

I read my magazines & blogs. 

7. If you could have lunch with anyone you wish, who would it be and why?

Instead of sitting down with someone for lunch, I’d actually trade that in for a chance to see how a Magazine like Style at Home, or House and Home is put together. {Me too Lindsay} Designing those magazines month after month, showing the trends (and knowing them months in advance) must be hard to do. But how amazing to put those shoots together, going into grand homes, styling and shopping. That is what I would love to do!

8. What is your view on Canadian design and art? Do you think we stand out, have a unique way of design that sets us apart? If you have any other thoughts on the subject of Canadian art and design {you seem to feature Canadian artists from time to time} I would love to hear them!

When I was in Grade 6, our teacher went around the circle of children and asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. When my turn came, I proudly said I wanted to be an Artist. My teacher, Mr. Hoy, said jokingly; “Lindsay will be selling pencils on the street when she grows up.” I will never forget the heat in my chest from embarrassment that I felt. The fact that I am doing art now, means that his comment didn’t affect my life, but I know that it did make me aware from a very young age, that artists face many battles along the way. Although our blog is small, I want to profile artists, new and established, as a way to reinforce that choosing this career, is a great path and that we, the public, appreciate them. Although quite established,  Peer Christensen and David Grieve are two of my favourite Canadian Artists at the moment, both of whom I have profiled on our blog

Thanks so much Lindsay!
Head on over and check out
Little House Blog
and Penny People Designs
Penny People on Etsy

 You are such an inspiration to me, wish I had half the talent and know-how that you have! 

Come back next Sunday when another fabulous Canadian comes to visit!

XO Barbara


  1. Oh I love this for so many reasons...thanks for the introduction.

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    We are such a nice bunch 'eh!!

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  6. Fantastic idea Barbara!

    Something that makes us uniquely Canadian is that we are humbly confident; no need to toot our horns too loudly to be seen and heard :)

    Thanks for putting this series together.

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    Nancy xo

  14. Thank you so much for the honour of being profiled Barbara. I got giddy seeing my work. :) What a wonderful series -I look forward to reading about other Canadians!!
    xo Lindsay

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