{inspiration: b&w striped upholstery}

February 16, 2011

While I slowly recover the top portion of my chair {taking me forever as there were 1" nails used to attach the ever-so-lovely vinyl cover on the top edge- argh}....

I will share some eye candy.

I love black and white interiors, fabric and upholstery. I especially love the graphic look of black and white stripes. 
What a perfect balance of opposites, each colour having equal weight.

{via Decorpad}

{via alkemie}

How about these amazing black and white striped walls that Danielle {did you know she is Canadian?} painted for her daughter using chalkboard paint!

Hopefully I can finish that darn chair that is staring at me, begging for a new outfit up top!
Ok, I'm coming.....

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XO Barbara


  1. Love that bedroom with the black and white bed and white walls!!!

  2. it always takes longer than you'd think...but it is SO worth it in the end. good luck!

  3. I do love the graphic drama of black and white!

  4. I love black and white as well because it lends itself to so many bright colours. That last image is amazing!! Oh great, now I want to do my girl's room all over again and I'm not even finished with this round:)

  5. Lovely stuff! But notice how all your upholstery examples have the stripes running vertically? Your horizontal stripes are so terrific and - based on the general design trend - so fantastically unexpected! I think your chair is going to be fabulous!! Still think you should paint the wood though (gold or black) OR sand the current wood down so that it's more "organic". ;-)

  6. Love a little graphic black and white. Nicole's Cohen's entire house makes me swoon, love what Danielle did with her daughter's wall and adore that boys bedroom with the striped headboard and antique bed.

  7. These are great examples - I love every one of them. There's something about black & white stripes that just adds so much punch to a room without being over-the-top. I can't wait to see your chair all done :)

  8. Such amazing inspiration!!! I love all of these examples and I know your chair is going to be nothing short of fabulous Barbara :)) And if there is any one who can do this DIY it's YOU! xox

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  10. Love black and white! You have found some gorgeous inspiration pictures, I especially love that first one!

  11. Love your chair! Will look awesome for sure when it's all done =D

    Also, I think you should add "chronic giveaway winner" to your resume, I'm SO jealous you won the Domino book from Nancy!! I need to know how you do it lol!! (and congratulations of course, you deserved it :)

    xo Linda

  12. Love the b&w strips - so classic! Can't wait to see your chair.

  13. wow - it's looking good - can't wait to see the end result!

  14. Every time I see things done in black and starts my obsession all over again. I just love it!

  15. Ive never met a black and white room I didnt love.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  16. Whenever I see a B & W striped item in a room my eyes find it first. Your chair is going to be fabulous.


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