Many thanks to:

and to 

where Maria listed my Silver leaf Ikea Rast dresser hack in her 10 Interesting Posts post.

Thanks Maria! 

Today I am off to Ikea to source and price out a few things for our newly appointed games room.

Hoping to find something to sit and curl up on, like this:

and maybe something for a media centre like this:

Hoping to get the ball rolling on finishing the space as ...

next week I am participating in 10 Rooms 
Also later this week I am hosting a giveaway to celebrate almost 350 followers!

Happy Monday

XO Barbara


  1. Woohoo and I believe as your newest follower that I am the 350th! Happy Monday. :) Erica


  2. Oh I am very interested in the 10 rooms. I am going to check it out. Anything to help be declutter... if thats what it was. How I wish I lived near an IKEA. It would make life so much easier.
    Have fun Barbara, can't wait to see what you've found.

  3. Oh and I forgot to say how Posh your new digs look. I like! I too was also very thrilled with Targets announcement, although I'm sure my home town will not be one of the lucky ones : (

  4. I just found your blog and it's great! I'm your newest follower! :)

  5. At least you have Ikea!!! Even though I LOVE Target...I think I love Ikea more.....which reminds me that I need to go :)

  6. Nice work Barbara! Definitely well deserved...and on another note, I am also planning on getting the Ektorp love seat for my play room. Do you think I'm crazy for getting it in white?? Everything can be bleached right?? :)

  7. I've got an Ektorp sofa and 2 of the chaises and LOVE them!! You can never go wrong with white - slip off the cover and give it a wash and it's good as new - now what other sofa could you do that with?

    Thanks for the lovely compliments on my kitchen! xo

  8. This room is shaping up to be fab Barbara! Can't wait to see it all together. Congrats on the features :)))
    Nancy xo

  9. Congrats on being featured on not just one but TWO blogs! Both your tufted headboard & Ikea dresser hack turned out great :-)

    Hope you had a successful shopping trip, and way to go with 350 followers!


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