{art wall: inspiration}

One plan for the games room is to create an art wall, where the television will be incorporated into the art all, such as my inspirational photo from Emily A. Clark.

I will be using photos, posters and artwork of and by my children to fill the space.

But the fun won't stop there, 
I also plan on using their artwork mixed in with family photos to run up the stairwell.

Here are some gallery walls I just love:

{Steven Gambrel via House and Home}

This staircase art wall in the home of Emily Norris, a Style at Home editor, is one of my favourites. It is a kid friendly wall with so much for the eyes to take in, an eclectic mix of children's artwork, posters, art and photographs. This is the look I hope to achieve!

{Just wish the landlords would let me paint the railings on our staircase}

This is another favourite from the home of Joseph and Kimberly Mimram, a Canadian dynamic design duo.
I especially love the mix of graphic elements such as typography with art and photographs.

My love for gallery art walls runs deep, maybe because they remind me of the amazing museums that I have visited, full of curated treasures. Our gallery wall would be our family's story running along the wall.

 Hoping to accomplish that not only in our newly created family games room {which is at a stand still because my trip to Ikea was postponed due to the stomach flu making it's debut at our home } but up the stairwell as well. 
Hoping to get to it soon as I have been stock piling frames and art work, where I almost have enough to hang up!

XO Barbara


  1. Um, I'm loving your children's artwork Barbara! You're gallery wall will look as stunning as all of those beautiful inspiration photos! Looking forward to your finished product!

  2. I've been collecting gold frames to start a gallery wall of my own, I just don't have any artwork to put inside!

    Love the colorful pieces you are going to use. Having your kids artwork hanging in the home makes it so personal.

  3. I adore art walls- I did the family picture thing up the stairs but I really want to do one like your thinking of in the playroom- the kids would love seeing their artwork and it would add so much colour and whimsy to a space. Can't wait to see yours!

  4. YAY!!! This is going to look so great! I love the art wall with the tv and I adore the stairwell wall too :) I wish I had stairs in my house :( Oh well, it's an idea I can use in the next house! Good luck with getting to Ikea soon, and can't to see what you whip up!!
    Nancy xo

  5. I love gallery walls...they add so much interest, and you're right...they tell a great story if done right.

  6. Loving your inspirations, Barbara... and I know your children's art will look fantastic in the mix of things!! I'm looking forward to creating one of my own walls in the basement, but that's a long way off!!

  7. Beautiful inspiration photos Barbara! I know your wall will be lovely - can't wait to see it along with everything else. Hope you are all feeling better.

  8. LOVE the idea of the first example where she incorporates the BIG TV. I have a similar design issue in my family room and plan on trying this idea out....such an eyesore now.

  9. i love them too and i love the inspiration photo's you've collected! i have a little picture wall in my familyroom and in the upper hallway and the kids get a kick out of the pictures - i change it up often! I'm constantly sourcing for free artwork, if you find any please share. :)

  10. That entry way with the orange door is one of my favs!! I love the idea of using your kids artwork!

  11. Such fabulous rooms, Love the gallery walls!

    xo Linda

  12. I love how creative everyone is getting with gallery walls....it seems as if anything goes! Can't wait to see yours.

  13. Love the art wall! I wish we had a bigger house to do big extravagant covered walls like that


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