{sew simple: christmas tree skirt}

My goal this year was to decorate the house for the holidays using just what I had. With that in mind I made this tree skirt using {mostly} what I had!

 My husband and I are coming up onto our 20th anniversary and we have never had a tree skirt. It has always been something I have wanted to make but never got around to it. 

Finally this year, wanting to join in Centsational Girl's Craft Linky Party, I got my act together and made a tree skirt. 

While cleaning out my closet I unearthed a bolt of red chenille fabric. It was the perfect fabric for my tree skirt. The only thing I purchased was lining, which was on sale, cost me $5 for 2 meters! After rummaging in my notions bin I found the exact length of satin ric rac to edge the skirt and white grosgrain ribbon for ties. 


Supplies needed:

1.5 m fabric of your choice
1.5 m matching lining {or contrasting fabric will work as well}
ribbon for ties, 8 pieces cut into 50cm lengths
ric rac, about 4.75 m
piece of chalk


1. Lay out your fabric on a flat surface. Tie a length of string around the piece of chalk for a make-shift compass {yes, geometry is involved in this sewing project}. Find the center of the width of the fabric and hold the end of the string without the chalk down with one hand while drawing a circle with the other. {Hope that makes sense?} 

Cut out the circle.

2. Using a bowl, trace out a circle in the center of the large circle. This is needed to allow for the skirt to go around the tree trunk.

3. Using a right angled ruler draw a line for the opening of the skirt. Cut the slip and the center circle making sure to allow for seam allowances in the center circle {see photo in step 4}.

4. Lay the skirt onto the lining, pin in place and cut out lining using your tree skirt fabric as a pattern.

5. Pin ric rac or whatever edging you choose along the seam line {about 5/8 inch from the edge}. Pin facing inwards away from the raw edge.

6. Stitch the ric rac, the stitching line will be your guide when you sew your lining to the fabric.
{oops, no photo}

7. Pin ribbon evenly along the 2 opening edges, making sure they match up.

8. Pin the lining to the right side of the fabric. Sew along the edge using your stitching line from the ric rac as your guide. Leave an opening about 5 inches wide to allow you to turn the skirt right side out.

9. Clip the curved edges. Turn the skirt right side out.

10. Press edges.

10. Pin and slip stitch the opening closed.

11. Place under the tree and cover with gifts.

{horrible grainy photos, hard to take photos when the skies are always gray}

Have a wonderful weekend:)

XO Barbara


  1. That is super cute and looks really easy! I have an ugly hand me down tree skirt and I've ALWAYS wanted a pretty one. I'm totally gonna try this!! thanks!!

  2. This looks wonderful. Thanks for the tutorial, I'm your newest follower and looking forward to reading through your blog.
    Suzy xxx

  3. That's really cute. The one I made years ago is looking a little tired, maybe next year I'll make a new one.


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