{guest posting: first time fancy}

Today you can find me at First Time Fancy, another fantastic Canadian blog. Kerry, the brains behind this beautiful blog, asked me to take part in her Perfectly Imperfect series. Since my life and home are far from perfect, I couldn't resist taking part.

Do you want to see what my living room really looks like on a day-to-day basis? Well, you'll have to pop by Kerry's blog, First Time Fancy to get the scoop!

Come back tomorrow as I am sharing with you how I hacked my Ikea Rast dresser.

Also, next week my new re-designed blog header I won from Jax Does Design should be live! My fingers are crossed that there will be no glitches.

XOXO, Barbara


  1. Oooh, I can't wait to see the new design! Fingers crossed everything goes glitch-free!

    The Bake-N-Blog is over, but let me know when you've baked your cookies and blogged about them, and I can post a little addendum with a link to your post :-)

    Off to read your guest post now...

    {I'm having a jewelry giveaway - come by and check it out!}

  2. How nice to see real life! Your rooms are beautiful.


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