Protecting Your Mattress

This past summer we decided to bite the bullet and switch from a queen bed to a king. After 25 years sleeping on a queen it was time. WHY HAD WE NOT SWITCHED SOONER? It is heavenly to sleep on a king. We resisted for so long because it would require new bedding, new mattress and a new bed frame. Stay tuned for our bedroom reveal, but in the meantime, here are a few peeks!

 My hubby and I learned early on in our marriage, you can't cheap out on a mattress. We bought our first mattress as cheap as we could find it and strapped it on the top of my Hyundai Pony and caused an accident driving it home. TRUE STORY.

Oh the good old days! The quality of that mattress was awful, but we suffered for 10 years. One day my husband couldn't take it and went out and bought a way better quality mattress, one that lasted for another 10 years. But finally, we decided to switch to a king!

Knowing that purchasing a new mattress would be the most expensive item of our bedroom redo, I wanted to make it as budget friendly as possible yet not skimp on quality. I researched the mattresses that were rated a best buy by reading consumer reports and other articles online. Buying a mattress is as glamorous as buying a vacuum, yet we spend a HUGE portion of our life in bed, so it needs to be comfortable and not cost an arm and a leg.

With a brand and style we had in mind, off we went to test out mattresses at a few stores. We like a mattress on the firm side without a lot of bells and whistles. Since we are both tall, we wanted one where you couldn't feel the other person moving about. After visiting a few stores, we decided on a mattress at Sleep Country Canada, and had a fabulous sales person help us pick the best one within our price point. We managed to get the Mix and Match sale price where the box spring doesn't match the mattress. Sleep Country Canada also has a 60 day trial, if you aren't happy with the mattress you can exchange it for another.  No hassles. We loved our mattress and bought the extra replacement and repair insurance, just in case.

One of the most important things we bought after spending all that cash was to protect the investment with a quality mattress pad. Sleep Country Canada carries a wide range of mattress pads, but we chose the Climatech Mattress pad, as it was made with rayon from bamboo and helps regulate body temperature.

Since our mattress had a memory foam top, it can get a tad warm, we liked how this mattress pad helps with that. The bonus is it's slightly padded and gives a feeling of sleeping on a high end hotel bed! I LOVE falling into bed every night. We are so happy that we took the plunge after all those years! Stay tuned for the bedroom reveal, I'll share how we revamped our room on a budget!

*Sleep Country Canada provided a mattress pad for us to review and sponsored the post, all opinions are my own*

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