Painting Ikea Furniture

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I have painted several Ikea pieces over the years. Waaaaay back before I started blogging and the world of design exploded at my fingertips, we went to Ikea and bought matching sets of everything. Fast forward several years and my eyes were opened to what a well curated home looks like, it wasn't all matching espresso stained Ikea furniture. Slowly I have been breathing new life into the pieces giving them a unique look or bringing them to 2017.  Currently I am painting a piece that is in my family room, if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a peek on Instastories!

My go-to paints vary from project to project. The key is a good primer. I like this one.

As for paint, I have used Benjamin Moore Aura paint,
and  Behr Paint and Primer in One.

If the surface will get a lot of wear and tear then I use a varathane top coat.

But if I don't feel like priming and want a more shabby look then I choose FAT Paint (created my by friend Victoria and her brother).

For painting tools, a foam roller and a good quality paint brush is a must-have. For chalk paint though I would use a velour roller and not foam, as the foam tends to really suck up the paint.

Here are a few Ikea pieces I have painted over the years.

I used Behr Paint and Primer using a mis-tint on these bookcases.

This bookcase was painted with FAT Paint in Warm White.

This sideboard was painted with Benjamin Moore's Aura paint in Satin in Caliente!
See this blog post for more about this buffet.

Stay tuned for another piece that is currently undergoing a transformation!

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