Chalk Painted Dresser

Painting furniture is therapy for me. I love seeing a piece and having a vision of what the finished piece will look after I paint it. When I spotted this dresser on an Facebook sale group, I knew I had to have it. What's another dresser in the house full of furniture? Rustoleum sent me Chalked Ultra Matte paint to try and this piece was the perfect piece! If you remember (that is if ANYONE still reads my sad and neglected blog) would recall that I used  Rustoleum's Chalk Ultra Matte spray paint on the vintage dining chairs I made over for the One Room Challenge. Of course I didn't get that room 100% complete as the dining room table gave me great heartache. That's another story.

Having used chalk paint before with a different brand, I wanted to use Rustoleum's Chalked Ultra Matte paint to compare. I used Rustoleum's Chalked Ultra Matte paint in charcoal, which is a deep gray colour. It went on beautifully and really only needed one coat. The coverage is fantastic!

One coat!

 I chose not to sand and then used Rustoleum's Chalked protective top coat to seal the paint. The only issue I had was with the top coat paint, it wiped off some of the chalk paint which ended up tinting the clear coat in the can. So I can't use the top coat for light paint projects in the future. What I loved was how quickly it dried, which was perfect for impatient me. Using Rustoleum metallic spray paint in gold, I also spruced up the handles. 

What I DON'T have is a before photo - bad blogger.

Really love how this dresser turned out. 

 Sexy legs.

This pretty baby is for sale. Lucky buyer is getting a solid well constructed piece and with a sexy brand new look. Any local takers?

**Rustoleum gave me the product to try since I love paint. All opinions are my own **


  1. Nicely done! I love the colour... and your brass peacock (??) also caught my eye :-)

    1. Isn't it great? Found it at VV for $2 years ago!! I love it!! Thanks for commenting!!


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