Amazon + Me

Amazon and I have had a love relationship for quite some time. Most of you know my day job is teaching kindergarten and a huge part of that job is to read stories! I LOVE books and Amazon is my go-to for books for my classroom and also for just me. Lately, I have been turning to Amazon first before any other online retailer. We have bought a rowing machine, espresso machine filters, Christmas gifts, bike parts, and the list goes on. My husband has Amazon Prime, so things are on our doorstep within 48 hours of hitting purchase! As a Canadian, I LOVE Amazon Canada because their prices are in Canadian funds, shipping can be free AND no duty. Woot! Woot!

I am partnering with for the rest of 2017 and have signed up with the Amazon Associates Program, I can't wait to share with you all my awesome finds on Amazon in the next few months.

My latest purchase was Delonghi Water Filter-Good for EC860 and All ECAM Fully Automatic Coffee Machines, and in our house that is a lifesaver because my day begins with a strong cup of joe!

And since I am a sucker for children's book (life of a kindergarten teacher), I have purchased these lovelies...

This one is hilarious!

And on my wish list is this lovely fluffy kind duvet for our new bed! 

Stay tuned for my favourite finds and purchases!

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