Backyard on a Budget : Part II

As spring moves on at a rapid pace my backyard patio makeover is at a standstill.  I am working with Lowe's Canada to re-create our backyard space on a budget, you can read all about it in my first post, Our plan is to makeover the patio area as our family loves to sit outside and enjoy the sun. We have a very old and well loved patio set that has seen better days. My plan is to build a table for the space because the one I really want is NOT budget friendly while adding some chairs from Lowes. It's all about a budget makeover, a challenge that gets the creative juices flowing. Pricing out the supplies, I figured it will cost under $100! My problem has been time to start. My son is a competitive rower and we are in the midst of regatta season. Almost every weekend we are away at a regatta. We had one weekend free and I was going to get started but then he was invited to a regatta in the US and off we went. So...Victoria Day weekend - we are going to get it done!

These two patios spaces have been my favourite for a few years. I love the mix of wood and wicker. Add in a few black and white stripes mixed in with red, and I am weak at the knees.

Lowes has so many amazing products, it was hard to choose which way to go. 

I fell in love with these chairs, and their price point is amazing! They cost $70, plus $19 for the cushion, which came to $90. They have been broken in already, the family approves! What I love is the cushions are simple in design so they can be re-upholstered in a snap. Our current patio chairs have cushions that smell like stinky armpits but to replace them would cost the same as new chairs. 

Throw in the Allen + Roth pillow and it's a done deal. Now if only Lowes had more.....I could only find one. Hoping this weekend I can snag a few more. Such popular pillows.

As I was perusing the assecories section, the lanterns were drool worthy. Being a bit of a lantern lover, I had a hard time choosing until I saw these. 

Unique in their design and on-trend, I couldn't leave them behind. I think the key to being budget friendly is building the base with classic pieces like a solid table and chairs and change the accessories as the trends change. Since we have a southern facing yard, wax candles melt. Lowes has battery operated candles - I will grab those the next time I am back.

 Facing our patio is our shed, I am adding a bit of visual interest to the shed with this....

And this weekend I plan on getting the wood for the table. This table is my inspiration. 

I think I can build it. After last year's potting bench success, I feel my basic woodworking skills will suffice, even though my husband said, don't use the miter saw by myself. He seriously thinks I will cut my fingers off. Hmmm....he might have a point. I am off to Lowe's this weekend to gather up the remaining items needed to finish up the space. Wish me luck!

*This post is sponsored by Lowes Canada

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  1. Great idea to make your own table - I'm sure you can do it! The chairs are nice, and love those lanterns. Hope you're finding time to finish the makeover so you can enjoy your new patio till the fall :-)


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